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Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Ash


Raleigh Ash'talier




Ash has always been interested in history, even going so far as to make functional models of each Enterprise from the NX-01 to the 1701-F.

This has led to his current career in Starfleet, where he specializes in Historical Engineering.

He is a bit of a loner, mostly socializing with his wife and best friend, Lydia and Bivas.


At first glance, you’d be hard pressed to identify if he’s Hispanic, Indian, or some other mix.
In reality, his lineage is so intermixed, even he’s not sure which is the most prominent.
Standing at 5 foot nothing, his brown hair and eyes don’t tend to stand out much.


As a history nerd, he went through Starfleet Academy as a loner. He will excitedly talk about old starships with anyone who will listen, and collects ‘relics’ from the past.

His favorite item is a phase pistol that was used on the USS Columbia NX-02.


Born on Andoria to an Ensign Ash’Talier, he was raised by her, as the father, one Lieutenant Danvers, disappeared six months prior. As a toddler, he was given his mother’s old toy, a plushie Deadalus model. This toy may have been the start of his fascination with history. During the Dominion War, his mother left him on Andoria with a friend. She never came back, going down with her ship in the second battle of Chin’Toka.

He went through a moody phase after that. It was during this time that he got his hands on the Phase Pistol from the NX-02, which he used whenever he got in a fight with the local bully, one Bivas Ch’tonnith. Eventually, they both got in a fight with some Naussicans in a bar. During this fight, Bivas took a hit for Ash. He did survive, and this experience acted as a bonding moment for the two. After that, they were inseparable.

Both applied to Starfleet Academy and managed to get in, though it was by the skin of the teeth. Ash did not make many friends during his time in the Academy, often preferring to work on his assignments and meet up with Bivas, who in contrast made many friends.

Fresh out of the Academy, Ash served aboard the USS Dust Devil, a Freedom Class. However, this did not last long, as the Dust Devil was retired 2 years later.
His second posting was to the USS Bradford, an Excelsior Class. He spent the better part of 5 years on the Bradford. During this time, he met and fell in love with Lydia Statten, an Engineer on the same ship. They married just before being transferred to the USS Gilligan, Centaur Class.

A short 3 years later, and he has transferred to the Command division, while keeping his Engineering background. However, the Gilligan is being retired, and he applies to head the restoration team for Starfleet’s Legacy Fleet (a series of old Starfleet ships kept in service to act as a mobile museum and final line of defense. It was actually called into service for the evacuation of Romulus, but we all know how that went.)

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2390 - 2392 Junior Historian USS Dust Devil
2392 - 2397 Engineer USS Bradford
2397 - 2400 Engineer USS Gilligan