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JB Dersch

Human Male

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Age-32 Physical Appearance Height 6’4 Weight 230 Hair Color Silver Eye Color Ice Blue Spouse Olivia Dersch General Overview: Kind Caring, Will take action if needed Strengths & Weaknesses: Hard Worker, Quick Thinker, Fast Temper Ambitions: Be a Good Star Fleet Officer, And Find Out Who his Parents Were Hobbies & Interests: Reading, Spending time with Wife Personal History:Born Sometime in 2377 to Two human Parents but they left him when he was 4 and ever since he’s been on his own in the Foster Care System He had went through tons of Foster family’s but none of them wanted a Kid who was all about leaving home and go to the stars(He had a love for space since he was Young) He went to High School and Graduated from there went to California and that is where he finally made his choice to join Star Fleet. He loved Indiana but moved to their Current Address in San Francisco. From there he watched the Star Fleet Shuttles Leave and go up to space and that’s when he made his final choice to join Star Fleet. Ever Since he Turned 15 he made a Promise that he would Join Star Fleet and Help the Galaxy and Make his Former Parents Proud. Service Record Star Fleet Academy