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Profile Overview

Miraya Tiala

Haliian Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Tiala



Miraya Tiala



Born on Halii, Miraya spent her childhood searching. She never quite knew where she fit in until she joined the Marines of Starfleet. She quickly abandoned her family for the opportunity to become the best of the best. Her rigorous work-out routine put some of the Marine instructors to shame. She prides herself in her muscular and sleek body. She quickly rose through the enlisted ranks, and was offered a chance to attend Warrant Officer training after achieving the rank of Gunnery Sergeant. After completing Warrant Officer school, she requested to be assigned to the new Bajoran Starfleet Academy. With a lot of upheaval at the Academy, Tiala has decided to get back to her roots and on a ship. After the mind control, she left Starfleet.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2375 Private Marine Corps Basic Training, R. Lee Ermey Campus
2375 Private First Class Marine Corps Advanced Training, Raiders Training Facility
2376 - 2378 Special Ops Starfleet Marine Corps' 12th Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, USS Doyle-A
2378 - 2380 Special Ops Starfleet Marine Corps' "Dangerous Company," Starbase 118
2380 - 2383 Special Ops Starfleet Marine Corps' 292nd Infantry Regiment, 118th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment, Starbase 118
2383 - 2387 Security Forces Marine Corps' Detachment, USS Gustav P. Remington
2388 Warrant Officer Candidate Warrant Officer Candidate School
2388 Tactical Instructor Starfleet Academy Bajor Campus
2399 - Present Chief Security Officer USS Mercy
Lieutenant Commander