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Profile Overview

Trina Yventix

Kratoan F

Character Information

Rank & Address

Midshipman Trina


New Romulus Diplomatic Corps


Trina Stintari Yventix


Kratos IV


Trina can be driven, to the point where she gets tunnel vision.  She joined the Diplomat corps to avoid conflict, and found herself to be a champion debater in the academy.


Humanoid in appearance, Kratoans differ from humans in only a couple of ways.  Trina’s hair, for example, is actually a network of antennae in a light shade of blue.  It retains the texture and feel of regular hair, however.

the other main difference is the eyes.  Kratoan eyes are much better adjusted to darker and more obscure locales.

Otherwise, Trina appears to be a human woman in her 20’s.


Serving in the academy alongside Sky, she is well aware of his tendencies.  She is a great debater, and her first posting out of the academy was to Starbase 1, where she earned diplomatic favor with the admiralty before being assigned to New Romulus as a diplomatic atache to learn even more.

Unfortunately, Starfleet assigned here only a type 9 shuttle for her trip, which she used to get to the USS Marduk for the rest of the trip.