Profile Overview

Eros Flynn

Human Male

Character Description

General Information

Gender Male
Species Terran
Age 46
Date of Birth September 28, 2355
Place of Birth Turkana IV

Character Information

Height 5’11”
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Brown (greying)
Eye Color Green

Physical Description

Slightly above average height with lean frame. His lower weight adds to an appearance of being taller and longer limbed than he actually is. He has brown hair which is usually kept long at the top center and shaved on the sides, falling to one side of the other or slicked back as necessary. He usually sports a few days’ facial growth that is speckled grey. He comes across as unkempt, even though he tends to wear suits off-duty.

Family & Personality

Personality Overview Eros will never be mistaken for a “people person.” He’s sarcastic, pessimistic, and more than a little off-putting. He tends to see the worst in the universe around him, saying so with frequency. He prefers the universe on his terms, and doesn’t enjoy the trappings of duty, despite his entry into Starfleet. He has a tendency to condescend at times, and would be best described as cynical. His favorite companion is a glass of bourbon. Despite his social graces, or lack thereof, he can often be found at whichever bar serves it. His Academy instructors, as well as several superior officers along the way, have noted that he is a brilliant, if troubled, mind.

Spouse None
Children None
Father Jansen Ellerbe (Deceased)
Mother Eleanor Ellerbe-Myers (Deceased)
Brother(s) Mimas Ellerbe (Unknown)
Sister(s) Rhea Ellerbe-Moss
Other Family None


Pre-War History

Eros Flynn is the eldest son of Jansen and Eleanor Ellerbe. Born Aeros Ellerbe on September 28, 2355, he grew up on the violent work of Turkana IV, where his childhood would provide the basis for a cynical outlook on life. When he was very young, the planet began an outbreak of civil war which would last decades. He was born into a world where self-preservation was the only way to live, and it shows in his thinking to this day.

In 2370, despite the surroundings that tempted him and his family daily, Eros became one of the very few to escape the impoverished, violent world and join Starfleet, leaving his family behind. Upon arrival at the Academy, the comfortable life of a cadet was disconcerting, and he quickly became known amongst the students and faculty as a young man with an edge and a chip on his shoulder. At fifteen years old, he was also unusually young, which amplified his need to prove himself.

The competitive nature of the Academy process resulted in frequent fights with his fellow cadets. On the edge of expulsion and lacking a desire to return to his homeworld, he pulled himself together and graduated with good-not-great marks, ranking in the top one-third of his class, with a focus in starship engineering and operations.

Having graduated in 2374, his first assignment sent him to the front lines of the Dominion War, where he would cut his teeth as a fresh, young Ensign. He served aboard the USS Exeter as a junior officer. He would see action in both ship-to-ship combat, as well as ground operations for several operations.

By the end of 2376, the Dominion had surrendered, and Starfleet’s numbers were diminished. For his part, Eros had handled wartime duty well, and had earned a field promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and the night-shift leadership role in Engineering. His career appeared to be on a positive path. His marks for conduct were exemplary. He had been recognized with commendations for his engineering prowess, as well as his actions under pressure and in combat.

In 2378, he applied for a transfer to the USS Steadfast, and was granted the position of Assistant Chief of Engineering. He served in this role well, earning a promotion to Lieutenant in 2379. It was, at this point, that his life began to take a turn.

Eros had always had a weakness of the flesh, finding himself attracted to the wrong women more often than not. He was, especially, attracted to older women for reasons he couldn’t quite figure. At twenty-four years old, he was as weak as he’d ever been, resulting in a relationship with the captain’s wife. This alone would not have been enough to discharge him. However, when confronted, he beat the captain nearly to death. He was arrested for striking a superior officer, insubordination, and conduct unbecoming, among other charges. All charges, with the exception of conduct unbecoming an officer, were dropped for two reasons: it was a personal matter rather than professional, and the captain had struck him first.

Expelled from Starfleet in 2379, Eros sought out the only other life he had known: Turkana IV. By this time, Turkana IV had long ago removed itself from the Federation. The chaotic, anarchist shell of a colony was a place of constant conflict. Overrun with crime, it had become a vile place, an example of the worst humanity could become.

Nearly upon arrival, he was recruited into a local gang by a childhood friend, and he set out on a life of crime. His specialty were thefts requiring knowledge of high technology. As a Starfleet engineer, his training became invaluable, and he soon became an asset to those that sought the possessions of others.

In 2382, he moved on from Turkana IV, leaving behind his family once again. He changed his name to simply Theron in order to protect his family from his ambitions. He and his friend set out to seek their fortunes with the Orion Syndicate. After a series of tests that proved his skill and worth, Eros became part of a small crew, delving into elicit dealings of all sorts.

He made a great living, but did little in way of planning for the future. His life became a series of scores, rests, and then scores again. He became invaluable to the Syndicate for his technical prowess.

In 2387, Eros made a critical mistake during an operation, resulting in his imprisonment on the Klingon moon Rura Penthe. He spent the next year there, surviving by dealing whatever he could with prisoners and guards alike. Eventually, he agreed to pull a job at the Bank of Bolia for the prison’s warden. He was successful, receiving only his release as his reward. He would return to his crew, who were simultaneously shocked and pleased to see him.

In 2389, Eros was imprisoned again, this time in a Romulan detention center. Once inside, though, he quickly found a network to do business with, and made his stay more comfortable as a result. In 2390, an order came through from an outside source in the Syndicate that a certain prisoner be killed. After much planning, Eros managed to pull it off. Little did he know, the target was connected at a much higher level than he had ever been. He’d made a grave mistake.

In 2390, Eros emerged from the Romulan prison to find that the man he had killed had, in fact, been the son of a very powerful member of the Syndicate. Blacklisted and marked for death, he did his best to disappear, changing his name again to Eros Flynn. He returned to Federation territory, desperate to find a place where he could lie low and avoid his enemies.

War History

When the Borg tore through the Federation, leaving Starfleet’s numbers decimated, Eros saw the writing on the wall. He hijacked a personal cruiser and took off, trying to get as far from the fighting as he could. Before he could reach it, Turkana IV had been overrun, as well. His family’s fate would remain a mystery for many years. He managed to stay ahead for a while. Inevitably, though, the war caught up with and engulfed the universe around him. He would spend the entirety of the war barely one step ahead of the nightmare around him, eventually landing on Starfleet’s doorstep on Bajor in 2399.

Post-War History

With the Syndicate gone and Starfleet decimated, Eros saw an opportunity to find some safety in numbers. He joined Starfleet again, and was surprised when his past transgressions were ignored in favor of the acquisition of an experienced engineer. He searched, and was able to find that his sister had survived, and was settled on Bajor with a husband. She had never had any children. She informed him that their parents were dead. She had lost contact with their brother when the Borg invaded Turkana IV, and his fate to this day remains a mystery.

He spent all of 2400 at the Academy, taking a series of refresher courses that would catch him up to the last twenty years of advancement. He also took the opportunity to blend into the lower rungs of Bajor’s society, putting together several future opportunities should Starfleet not work out a second time.

In 2401, he was assigned to the newly commissioned USS Athena.

Service Record

2370 – Enters Starfleet Academy
2374 – Graduates from Starfleet Academy
2374 – Assigned to USS Exeter as Engineering Officer
2376 – Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2378 – Promoted to Lieutenant, Assistant Chief of Engineering USS Steadfast
2379 – Discharged from Starfleet for Conduct Unbecoming
2380 – 2399 – Unknown, Records Incomplete
2400 – Reinstated to Starfleet, Remanded to Academy Courses
2401 – Assigned to USS Athena, Chief of Engineering

Current Assignment