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Profile Overview

I have the original creator's permission to use the image! The creator of this image is Auctor Lucan;

Amanda Ashby

Human Female

Character Information




Dr. Amanda Ashby, M.D. was a friendly, easy-going Cadet attending Starfleet Academy. A graduate of the prestigious Hillcrest Medical University, she served in the Dominion War as a civilian wartime volunteer before joining Starfleet; working as a physician in the refugee camp on Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon. During this period she would develop an interest in mental healthcare, considering it to be one of the few specialisations where modern technology couldn’t quite replace the human factor.

Following the Dominion War Amanda joined Starfleet, hoping to do her part in healing a Galaxy torn by years of fighting on an unprecedented scale. Known as a dedicated and kind-hearted Starfleet Officer not afraid to take the initiative, she was also known to be notoriously curious.


Standing at 5’9″, Amanda was a relatively tall woman, at least for a Human, with a slender, albeit curvaceous build to match. She attempted to maintain a good physical condition and, even though this was sometimes hampered by both a lack of available time to fully commit to this goal and her love of sour candy, Amanda generally managed to stay in shape through the two outlets she used to deal with her own emotions; swimming and hockey.

While she tries to avoid it as much as possible, Amanda can sometimes be seen wearing the glasses which she keeps in one of her pockets; safely encased in a small black leather case with her initials imprinted upon it. Being slightly far-sighted, she begrudgingly has little choice but to wear her glasses whenever she’s very tired and either working in a dark environment, required to read something at a distance, or asked to pilot a shuttlecraft or other vehicle that requires her to look far ahead.

I have the original creator's permission to use the image! The creator of this image is Auctor Lucan;

Amanda's official Starfleet picture