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Profile Overview

Omar Filipe

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Filipe


Omar Alejandro Filipe

August 12, 2353 (47 Years)

USS Langport


Omar is a well-decorated, skilled Medical officer. He went to the academy for Engineering, but during the Dominion War was assigned to a combat unit as a Field Medic. Something about saving lives resonated with him in a way Engineering never did, and as soon as the War was over, he returned to the Academy to complete the Starfleet Medical course. Since then, he’s enjoyed over two decades in the field and has never looked back, even turning down a couple of promotions to ensure he stayed firmly in sickbay where he wanted to be. His patients consider him personable and easy to work with. Despite his career’s rough beginnings, he still has an excellent bed side manner and would describe himself as easy going. It’s easy to be laid back when you’re not being shot at while you’re using a laser scalpel.


Omar is not am imposing man, standing at just 5’7″, but he is extremely fit and more than capable of standing his ground if need be. He keeps his hair close cropped and out of the way, and is generally seen with a hint of a smile on his face. By most accounts, he is an attractive man.


Omar has a personality range. When he’s just meeting folks, he’s somewhat shy and can come off as nervous or indifferent. However, once Omar gets to know the people he’s serving with, most forget he was ever that way as his actual personality starts to shine through. Once he’s comfortable with a group, Omar is the first to laugh, the first to tease, and the first to crack a joke. He is fiercely dedicated to his crew, and even more so once he finds his clique of friends. He loves to tell stories and play music for anyone who will listen and with a bit of tequila in him has been known to be the life of a party.



Omar was born about the USS Langport to an Engineer and his wife. His first words were in a holodeck about that ship, his first steps were in the forward observation lounge, and his first girlfriend was a young Bajoran girl who was aboard as part of a delegation seeking aid from the Federation during the Cardassian occupation. Being aboard a starship is about as much a part of Omar as his skeleton, and he loved every minute of it. He and the other children aboard the Langport forged life-long friendships and keep in contact to this day.

When Omar was sixteen, his father finished his service in Starfleet and their family returned to New Mexico, on earth, where Omar languished. While he found pieces of happiness in his family’s ground-bound home, he found most of his happiness during the cool evenings when the stars filled the endless skies. His mother and father were both completely unsurprised when he announced that he’d be joining Starfleet Academy when he graduated highschool.

Starfleet Academy

Omar wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted to focus on in the Academy, so he followed in his father’s footsteps and went into the Engineering focus. Omar had loved helping his father every chance he got about the Langport, so much of what he was learning was old hat for him, but learning the concepts and science behind it made it that much more interesting. Omar excelled in the Engineering course, but his life was about to take a dramatic turn.

The Dominion War

In 2373, the Alpha Quadrant was thrown into a state of turmoil by the Dominion and their alliance with the Cardassians. The war started abruptly and it seemed no one was prepared. DS9 was lost, and Starfleet was hemorrhaging ships in battle. Rumors around the Academy ran rampant.

It wasn’t long before 3rd and 4th year Cadets were being promoted and assigned to ships out of sheer necessity, and one of them was Omar. He’d been top of his class for his two and a half years in the academy, and shown a strong penchant for service in all of his classes. He was shocked to find himself assigned as a field medic, though, but necessity dictated what his field of study could not. What surprised him, though, was how much he loved it.

He worked shoulder to shoulder with the CMO on the USS Armstrong during the war, tending wounds and saving lives. His CMO, one Alister Windsor, taught him everything he knew during their two years together during the war, and Omar soaked it up like a sponge. Even on the darkest days when the deck plating about the Armstrong was dyed crimson with the blood of his shipmates, his time in Sickbay gave him hope.

Return to the Academy

2375 saw an end to hostilities, and left Omar debating what the do. With the war over, regular assignments were returning and Omar was hearing a lot of rumbles that he’d be transferred to the USS Flagstaff as their Assistant Chief Engineer. There had been a time when that would have brought him great joy, but after his time in Sickbay… it felt wrong. Before he could be assigned away from the Armstrong, Omar put in a request to return to the Academy and refocus on Medical instead.

Omar found his passion. Where he did well in the Engineering track, he excelled in the Medical track. His knowledge earned in the battlefield helped him to advance far beyond his peers. In two years, Omar finished his Starfleet Medical focus and graduated the Academy with honors. His family was beyond proud of him, and he had to admit, he felt a strong sense of pride in himself that he’d never known before.

Starfleet Service

Omar has made his way through 23 years of service in the Medical field with Starfleet. He’s served about four different ships and earned the rank of Commander, along with several commendations and awards for outstanding service. Every ship he’s served on has remembered him as an excellent CMO and a good man, and all were sad when he transferred away. Through his time, Omar has declined two Captain promotions, and a ship of his own in order to stay where he’s happy: Sickbay.

Most recently, he’s transferred to the USS Venture and is looking forward to the next chapter in his career.