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Orion Female

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Alarra


Alarra was born as the second child of Telarc, an Orion free trader. So it is no surprise that she was born and raised on her father’s freighter “Falcon”.
She had a nice childhood as she saw that freighter as a big playing ground together with her two years older sister. She also liked to help her father when he had to repair all kinds of things on the rather old ship.

Her unburdened childhood ended too early when she was only 8 years old. Her father was forced to hand out his elder daughter to the Orion Syndicate as he was heavily in debts to them. Her sister Thinnou was most likely sold into slavery by the Syndicate. This really broke her parents’ heart. Alarra had been hidden in a small space on the freighter so that the Syndicate could not find her as well. Before the Syndicate could also get a hold on their younger daughter, her parents brought Alarra to a good, old acquaintance to Vulcan.

Alarra spent her years as a teenager on Vulcan where she was safe and no longer threatened by the Orion Syndicate. However, she lost basically all contact with her family for her own safety. This was a difficult time for her especially since she had her difficulties with the seemingly emotionless way of the Vulcans, but she did not want to show any weakness to the outside world. Although being safe and treated well, she never really felt at home there.

So she used the opportunity when she was 17 years old and went to Earth to attend the Academy. She specialized in Engineering and OPS.

Because of her Orion physiology, she has to suppress the output of the Orion pheromones by monthly injections.