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Jael Orwin

Risan Male

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Cadet Senior Grade Orwin




Jael is a highly intelligent young man especially when it comes to understanding highly complex computer systems. He was an expert in Artificial Intelligence and at one time his goal was to come up with innovative designs. His first choice was to create androids giving them AI, much like Data, but more sophisticated. Starfleet mandates prevented this so, his second choice was to make starship systems more streamlined and tied to the computer systems. But that dream too was derailed.

The suicide bombing attack that took the life of his sister and almost his own life changed the direction of his life on almost every level. Instead of pursuing a career in Science, or perhaps Operations, he switched to Intel. It, affected his confidence, at least for the short-term and his whole demeanor.


Jael was born on May 13, 2365, to Nigal and Arian Orwin, the middle of three children. His sister, Danaria was two years his senior and would be 24  had she lived. His brother, Samuar, is the baby of the family. He is now 16. Nigal owned a number of hotels and resorts, and Arian was a sculptor

The Orwin family was a loving one and Jael grew up in a nurturing environment. His parents set some general boundaries but gave all their children a lot of latitude and freedom. Jael was an exceptionally bright child whose IQ definitely exceeded his EQ, at least in the early years. He was an introvert who would rather have his nose in a PADD, he started reading when he was four than be out on the playground with other kids. He preferred the company of adults, or at least much older kids than the did those that were around his age.

He became fascinated with Artificial Intelligence, or AI and even built a few, basic, but functional, robots. He knew from an early age that he wanted to build and develop AI devices. However, he was still a geek. A very bright Geek but a Geek nonetheless.  And, who was going to be friends with a Geek, who really had no clue as to how he should react. His sister, Danaria, loved her brother and took pity on him, she helped him deal with the real world.

She started when he was eleven when she first recognized what was going on in his life. She urged him to get out more, she showed him how to connect with people like he was connecting with his computers.  By the time he was a young teenager, he was starting to have friends and even became somewhat popular.

He’d always been close to his sister and this brought the two of them even closer. Like most Rissian teens Jael’s friendships, with both genders, sometimes turned romantic and physically intimate. Perhaps because of his scientific bent, he wasn’t as prolific as some that he knew, but he had his fair share of romances.

By the time he was twenty, he had graduated from the Rissian Institute Of Science And Technology, with what in the Federation would be  Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology and Cybernetics.

He applied for Starfleet Academy with the intention of pursuing an advanced degree and becoming a Starfleet officer. It wasn’t as if he had always dreamed of a life among the stars, he went to the Academy for two reasons. One was practical, they had the most advanced computer and technological systems, what better way to advance his career and do something meaningful, something game-changing. The second reason was because his sister was already there, in her third year.

He became a student at the Academy in 2385. By 2387, he had earned a Masters in Robotics. In 2388, he was going to pursue his Ph.D. and then receive his commission. But that summer changed everything.

He and  Danaria were in Paris, living the good life. The people of Paris, while still human, were much closer in their views about intimacy, than others on Earth. It was not the only city that fit that bill, but it had the best reputation and history. Besides, both of them wanted to learn French.

It was to be three months of wine, parties, trysts with lovers, song, and just generally decompressing from six years in school. It certainly started out that way. They rented a small two bedroom apartment near the Eiffel Tower. After a month or so, Jael met a young Romulan ex-Pat Takaram D’mora who was about his own age. At first, it was just a one night stand, but then they started to see each other. It was still casual, just fun, no strings. But then after a short time, it became love, or at least the beginnings of it.

As summer was coming to a close, Takaran, Jael,  Danaria and a group of their friends all planned to meet for lunch at the same sidewalk cafe, where Jael and Takaran met. A cafe that was directly across the street from the Federation’s Paris headquarters.

A suicide bomber, from a fringe group of Romulans, blew himself up inside the lobby of the building housing the Federation office.The blast was so powerful that it not only took out the entire first floor of the office (and eventually the entire building) but much of the surrounding area as well. There were only two survivors from the cafe. The owner, who escaped virtually unscathed and Jael.

Unlike the owner, Jael was severely injured. He suffered serious burns to his face and the right side of his body. His skull was fractured and he was in a coma for a month and it took another four months to fully recover. During that four months, he had to have reconstructive surgery on his face. He also required a prosthetic right arm and right eye.(Neither gives him any augmented abilities, though that arm is virtually indestructible)

With the loss of his sister and lover(which he has still not fully recovered from emotionally), he changed to an Intelligence specialization. Since he had his bachelor’s degree and had spent two years at the Academy already, it only took him an additional year to complete his Intel training and be ready to graduate.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2385 - 2389 Acting Captian USS Ronin