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Vulcan Male

Character Information





April 9



Syvek is half Vulcan and Betazoid with a Betazoid Father and Vulcan Mother. Born and raised on Vulcan until 9 before having to live on Betazed due to his paternal grandmother falling ill. He struggled on Betazed due to cultural and behavioural and even planetary differences, not engaging much with others around him growing up.


Syvek has slightly wavy dark brown hair, cut short like most male Vulcans and pitch black eyes like those on Betazed. He stands at a height of 5’10 and has a lean build with tan skin.


Appears to be more reserved and someone who watches from afar rather than engaging. Enjoys meditation and sculpting in his free time, occasionally playing a small wooden wind instrument his mother gifted him. Behind his seemingly solitary personality he does enjoy watching how people interact and socialize normally. His Betazoid half making him more aware of the emotions of those around him. Despite being half Vulcan he finds it difficult to keep up the mask of indifference and will occasionally let his emotions show without him even realizing, especially in moments of high emotion.