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Human Male

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Commander Mustang or Roy




Robert Roy Mustang



Commander Robert Mustang is the Master and Commander of the starship Phoenix. A Veteren of the Cardassian Wars of 2350 and of the later Dominion Wars. Mustang has become very jaded in his thoughts towards Starfleet after having previously served during war time, been incarcerated and then been recalled to active duty for another war. With a new Starfleet on the horizon and being given the ability to help shape it, Mustang hopes his ship and crew can make this new Starfleet into one he can be proud of again.


Robert, known as Roy to his family and friends was born on June 26th, 2335 to to Ford and Arianna Mustang on the Titan colony. His mother spared him from the continued tradition of naming the boys in the Mustang family after ancient Earth vehicle models. His brother Chevy was not as lucky.

The Mustangs were one of many families posted on the colony which the Federation staffed for operating and servicing one of its reserve fleet yards. A place much less spectacular than that of say Utopia Planetia and where only the pastime work horses of Starfleet would go for service, refit and repair. The fleet yards also housed several inactive starships with secure docks where Starfleet would allow for advanced Utopia Planetia and Advanced Starship Design Bureau personnel to conduct experiments on.

His mother was a structural engineer and his father was the lead Marine Surveyor/Supervisor for the yard, through osmosis he learned much of the design process of starships and their systems during his younger years but as he grew, his consistent focus on their work duties interested his parents and they began to actively teach him about their jobs alongside his official education at the colony school. During his younger years he knew only love from his parents but developed a strong rivalry with his older brother as the two, though furnished with as much love and attention as they could want, began to compete for their parents affections at every turn.

As they two brothers grew their rivalry changed into a close bond and the two would often be found working together on Robert’s hobbies which generally consisted of sensor data analysis and various experiments with lateral and bilateral sensor array pallets and array. The two boys gained a unique understanding of sensor output wave forms and developed a method to calculate and understand latency in array emissions for unique spacial awareness. It is not understood how the two boys can interoperate data this way and any attempt to recreate their methods has only left experts found wanting. Their hobby and their parent’s professions exposed the boys to advanced techniques which served them well during their Junior and High School years, with Chevy having graduated as the top honor student for Cochrane High.

The two brothers received their parents permission to apply for the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program. The two were successful and entered into the academy later the same year. During their days in the academy they took divergent fields where Chevy went into Sciences and Roy went into Operations. The two befriended a Pilot cadet named William Thatcher and the three were inseparable all the way until their graduation. Mustang finally managed to excel passed his brother and graduated Starfleet Academy with maxima cum laude while Chevy received cum laude, and William barely made it through.

Robert or Roy as he became known by all, received his first assignment aboard the U.S.S. Whitecliff, a Saratoga class starship, as a Operations Officer. The Whitecliff’s standing orders were to patrol the Federation core worlds as a policing vessel. The vessel served without major incident and due to its distance from the Cardassian-Federation war front did not see any combat outside of criminal activity. Roy received a Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade for both his time in service and regularly sound performance.

Roy’s ability to understand sensor tomography, telemetry and other assortments of data became of interest to Starfleet Command and he was transferred to the U.S.S. Wasp, an Excelsior class starship to help on Search and Destroy missions on the war front as a Mission Operation’s Officer. The Wasp was tasked with entering highly disruptive stellar bodies with the usual orders of locating and destroying enemy assets belonging to the Cardassians.

For his stellar performance in his duties aboard the U.S.S. Wasp, Roy received an early promotion with his time in grade requirement having been waived by one year. Roy was promoted to Lieutenant and given the additional duties as Assistant Chief of Operations atop his existing duties as Mission Ops.

Upon its launch in 2363, Roy was assigned to the U.S.S. Phoenix a brand new Nebula class starship with an experimental sensor pod, to take up the mantle for the U.S.S. Wasp and hunt enemy Cardassian assets where traditional sensors are ineffective. Roy was made Chief of Operations.

Roy served four years as the Chief of Operations and the Command’s Staff’s Second in Command after the Executive Officer. During his time aboard he received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander, and served with the vessel until the end of the official hostilities with the Cardassians in early 2367, the Phoenix was reassigned to use its advanced sensor systems to catalog spacial phenomena.

The truce made with the Cardassion Union did not sit well with the crew of the Phoenix, in particular the CO and XO. After running unsanctioned surveillance and inspection campaigns for most of the year against Cardassian ‘Trade and Commerce’ the Phoenix and crew discovered the Cardassians were re-arming and preparing for renewed conflict. The Phoenix’s captain ordered the ship and crew to begin their wartime mandate of Seek and Destroy.

These unsanctioned attacks forced Starfleet to intervene and send the Federation flagship, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D to intercept the Phoenix and stop its hostilities against the Cardassians. After failing to convince the Enterprise of their actions, and a short chase, the Phoenix surrendered and the Command staff was taken into custody, including Roy.

Roy not knowing what became of his Commanding Officers aboard the Phoenix, was sent to the New Zealand Penal Colony on Earth and remained a convict there from 2367 until the Cardassian-Dominion Allience of 2373. In which Starfleet and an old friend looked to his skills again.


Assigned as Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Phoenix | NCC-73212.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2352 - 2354 Operations Officer U.S.S. Whitecliff
2355 - 2358 Mission Operations Officer U.S.S. Wasp
2358 - 2363 Chief of Operations U.S.S. Wasp
2363 - 2367 Chief of Operations U.S.S. Phoenix
2367 - 2373 Convict Earth Penal Colony, New Zealand
2373 - 2377 Classified Clandestine Services
2377 Commanding Officer U.S.S. Phoenix