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Profile Overview

Glen Holt

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Holt


Glen Howard Holt



Glen Holt by his own nature struggles on a daily basis agreeing with the morals and decisions upheld by Starfleet command and nearly every person who wears the uniform. He signed on for tactical in hopes that he would be able to do what needed to be done when the time arrives, the pacifism of the federation has nearly been their undoing on multiple occasions throughout history. He studies war, weapons, combat heroes of legend and he spends time on his own theories and designs for starship combat. The mans obsessed with overcoming tactically focused obstacles, spending countless hours in the holodeck and running simulation after simulation, looking at thousands of statistical probability outcomes, desiring to learn one simple topic. ‘How to win’.


Glen Howard Holt was born to the paradise of Earth on April 16th 2368 in Lansing Michigan, his mother did not survive giving birth to him from unknown reasons. His father was a very abusive and condescending man the entire length of his youth, never having any positive impact on his sons life. Regarded as “A mistake”, his father gave nothing but never ending contempt as a sign of gratitude that he was brought into the world. Attending the academy as soon as he came of age, he excelled in his studies in hopes of becoming a starship captain one day, but until that day comes, he desires to protect his crew mates from anything that stands in their way. The only family he has. Holt has had quite a turbulent career thus far, getting into multiple brawls at school, and the most notable mark on his disciplinary record was his verbal exchange with a rear Admiral calling him incompetent and a sterile fool.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 Assiatant chief of security/ tactical officer USS Equinox