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Profile Overview

Vincent Trivano

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Vincent


Temporary Captain of the USS Marduk


Vincent Trivano







A Man out of time, he grew up during Starfleet’s golden age of exploration, hearing stories about the adventures of the Constitution class starships.  He was the youngest crewmember on board the USS Bozeman when it fell out of time.

He’s adjusted well to the 24th century and holds his head high as one of the few engineers that is familiar with both the older systems and the newer ones.


A spry 55 year old man


He likes to play it up that he’s the “angry old man” type but is really quite softhearted, even taking some assignments to assist younger captains with the older vessels they are often assigned to.  Spends much of his time working on model starships, with his pride and joy being a 2260’s constitution class.


Born to Julie and Frank Trivano in 2255, He grew up in Italy, appreciating the food.

In 2263, he applied for Starfleet academy as a joke.  Due to the mistake of a young officer, he nearly got in.  This was discovered by the Officer on  duty at the time just before the acceptance letters were sent out.  The Officer on duty kept the application in a folder.

In 2273, he reapplied for Starfleet Academy, and the same officer was still in charge of applications and sent back an acceptance letter written in the same crayon as the 2263 application as a tongue in cheek reference to the earlier application.

In 2278, he was assigned to the USS Bozeman for a one-month tour as an Engineering Cadet.  The ship did not come back from this tour.


The USS Bozeman arrived in 2368 and after some debriefing by the office of Temporal affairs, he was sent through a refresher course to be up to date with then modern technology.

In 2370, he was assigned to the USS Quincy Adams (Miranda Class) as an Engineer.

In 2373 he transferred to the USS Machu Pichu (Excelsior Class) as an Engineer.

In that same year, the USS Machu Pichu was destroyed in the Dominion War.  He managed to get to the escape craft in time, and was later reassigned to the USS Hiawatha (Cheyenne Class)

The Hiawatha was destroyed in 2375 in the final months of the Dominion War.

Afterword, he spent a while assigned to Starbase 514, before asking to be reassigned to a starship.

In 2380 He was assigned as Chief Engineer for the USS Damocles (Cheyenne Class)  He outlasted 3 captains.

In 2387 the USS Damocles was retired, and he moved on to the USS Druid (Nebula Class)

In 2392 He moved to the USS Tuathadedan (Ambassador Class) where he stayed until 2401, when he was reassigned to assist the relatively new crew of the USS Marduk.  However, due to delays with the Tuathadedan’s maintenance, he was delayed until after the Lost Fleet crisis.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2278 - 2368 Cadet USS Bozeman
Senior Cadet
2370 - 2373 Engineer USS Quincy Adams
2373 Engineer USS Machu Pichu
2373 - 2375 Engineer USS Hiawatha
2375 - 2380 Engineer Starbase 514
2380 - 2387 Chief Engineer USS Damocles
Lieutenant Commander
2387 - 2392 Chief Engineer USS Druid
2392 - 2401 Chief Engineer USS Tuathadedan