Lieutenant Douglas Mallory

Much older than he appears, Douglas (original given name of Arrda) spent many years in service to his own people before deciding to serve Starfleet. His late wife was half Human, which gave him ties to Earth and, thereby, the Federation.


1358 – Born
1362-1376 – Primary Schooling (Earth Equivalent Pre-School through High School)
1376-1476 – Various Schools for the Arts
1476-1491 – Designed and oversaw the construction of the Capital Quad on Marai
1491-1555 – Engaged in many forms of Performing Arts
1555-1629 – Shifted his focus into Painting and participated in several Gallery Showings
1629-1758 – Returned to Architecture
1708 – Beginning of the Great War with the Genessa
1758 – Drafted into the Enforcer Guild
1758-1763 – Reprogrammed and Fitness Trained for Enforcer Guild
1763-1809 – Served in Enforcer Guild for War Effort
1809 – War ends with the Treaty of Corridan
1809-2008 – Various Enforcer Missions *All Details Classified*
2009-2013 – Earth Mission
2013 – Earth Mission ends with Betrayal
2013 – Left Earth in a damaged ship. Encountered Kestra Seeker Second Dekotah Krystahnii
2017 – Married Dekotah Krystahnii
2018 – Aidan Mallory, the first of 15 children between them, is born
2018-2373 – Various Enforcer Missions between which are born and raised 14 other children

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Freshman Grade
StudentStarfleet Academy: San Francisco
Cadet Sophomore Grade
StudentStarfleet Academy: San Francisco
23752376Cadet Junior GradeStudentStarfleet Academy: San Francisco
Cadet Senior Grade
StudentStarfleet Academy: San Francisco
Security OfficerUSS SilverStorm
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Security OfficerUSS QuickSilver
Assistant Chief of SecurityUSS Altair-C