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Profile Overview

James Olivet

Human M

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Olivet


Henshin Device MK III Research Facility


James Olivet

March 21, 2342

Luna Colony


Currently the Assistant Scientist aboard the USS Marduk, James specializes in Energy Fields, but is proficient in most basic scientific disciplines.  As an older member of Starfleet, James’ experience shines in unusual situations.


Older, but not too old Caucasian Male with Dark Hair with blue eyes that smile when he gets started thinking.  Very comfortable on ships, he tends to wear a pair of spectacles on a chain around his neck.

Commonly found being worn as a necklace is a Henshin II prototype personal shield, which is shaped like a necklace with a pendant, which he has the habit of rubbing in his hands while thinking.  He keeps it charged, with a symbol on the face lit up with a teal light.  When activated, it envelops him in a similarly teal visible force field.

The other thing he’s commonly found holding is a 21st century graphite pencil, which he has a habit of using to take a quick note on nearby surfaces when he’s experimenting, and yes he has gotten in trouble for this a lot.


Focused, smart, and wise.  James has been through quite a bit of life, and is not shy about giving life advice to the younger members of the crew.  (a la Guinan and Picard).  He is calm in the face of danger, and does not leap to conclusions.  His most excitable moments are scientific breakthroughs.  Prone to carrying a Henshin MKII prototype with him in his studies due to the possibly dangerous nature of energy fields.


Born on Luna Colony, James learned very quickly both the dangers and enticements of space.  Visiting the sites of Apollo 11, he would come to admire the explorers of ages past.  He tried to enlist in Starfleet, but failed the entrance exams for Starfleet Academy, so he went into the civilian science corps.  He participated in several different studies, first with the USS Powell, where they were experimenting with artificial wormholes.  When the funding for that project ran out, he moved on to the USS Utah, where he studied warp eddies.  This was a smaller project that ran side-by-side with a larger warp field test, and thus was not afforded much renown.

After the Conclusion of the Warp Eddies project, James transferred to Henshin base to assist on the “Henshin Mark II” Project.  The first Henshin project was an attempt to create a personal shield, with the name jokingly taken from a 21st century tv show.  That Henshin project did produce a viable prototype, but was considered too inefficient for general use.  The Henshin II project aimed to utilize the mobile emitters brought back by the USS Voyager to mitigate this issue.

While at Henshin Base, James reapplied to Starfleet Academy and got in this time.  The USS Marduk is his first posting post academy.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2367 - 2380 Civilian Scientist USS Powell (Oberth Class NCC 2101)
2380 - 2387 Civilian Scientist USS Utah (Oberth Class NCC 2132)
2387 - 2395 Head Civilian Scientist Henshin Base
2395 - 2400 Student Starfleet Academy
2401 - Present Assistant Scientist USS Marduk NCC 76202