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Profile Overview

Jason Hart

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Hart


Jason Alexander Hart

August 14, 2376

Omaha, Nebraska, Untied States - Earth


Jason is constantly seeking out new thrills; both in service to Starfleet and in his own personal life. He is loyal, kind, and occasionally, brutally honest with his friends and even commanding officers.


Athletic build, with a birthmark over his right eye.


Jason is intensely curious about most things. He has a bit of a wild streak in him and more often than not, leaps before he looks. Jason is loyal to a fault and often wears his heart on his sleeve. Despite this, he often has problems building lasting relationships, whether it be platonic or romantic. Jason also has a habit of being honest, brutally so at times. He’s been working on tempering this faucet of his personality. Gets along with Vulcans and Romulans great because of this.


Jason was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on Earth. His parents were members of a local movement that felt that technology was progressing to far to fast. As such he and his siblings were raised in a small commune several miles from Omaha. His parents initially refused to send both Jason and his sister Maddie to a school outside the commune but changed there mind when Jason snuck away for catch local transportation for the fifth time when he was only five years old. Maddie opted to say in the commune school, something that has always bothered Jason. Due to his fascination with the world outside the commune, Jason often felt distanced from his parents, who made it clear that he was going to have to return to the commune when he finished school. College and especially Starfleet Academy were out of the question for him.

This resulted in Jason throwing himself into everything that he did and trying to experience everything that he could. He took up archery at the age of eight as well as the study of Krav Maga. Jason was also intensely curious about how things worked and would often take things apart. He could usually get them back together again. However, this continued fascination with advanced technology continued distancing himself from both his parents and Maddie. Realizing there was probably nothing he could do to make them proud, Jason instead focused on getting himself through high school. He got decent grades, despite the challenges he faced at home and graduated with honors.

By the time that he graduated, Jason wanted to be as far away from his parents as he could be, resulting in him applying for the academy. Their relationship had become almost non-existent and he knew that they would never understand his desire to see the universe. When he was accepted, he left home without even saying goodbye, something that still haunts him to this day (although he would never admit it) He continued to maintain a somewhat distant but pleasant relationship with his sister throughout his time at the academy.

Jason loved the academy. It was everything that he hoped it would be. He loved meeting all the new people and immersing himself in new experiences. Despite that fact, Jason often has a had time building lasting relationships; platonic and romantic. After graduating from the academy, he was assigned as a science specialist to the Miranda Class, USS Samuel B Roberts.

Jason loved the older ship and enjoyed tinkering with the systems, much to the annoyance of the chief engineer. While on the Roberts, he was helpful in cataloguing several new fungi that they discovered on a moon in the Gamma Quadrant. He was also a member of the team that worked to increase the shield efficiency of the deflector shields by 12%.  While onboard the Roberts, Jason met and started dating a young woman by the name of Stephanie Cox, a member of the ships security department.

When the ship was patrolling along the outer edge of Federation space, they were attacked by Tholian extremists, resulting in heavy damage to the ship. Jason and Stephanie worked together to create a massive feedback pulse that destroyed the Tholian ship but it resulted in frying nearly every EPS relay on the ship. Jason was hurt in the process, breaking his leg. They were rescued a few days later but the Samuel B Roberts was a total loss. Stephanie escaped without serious injury but broke up with Jason afterwards and resigned from Starfleet. Once his recovery was complete, he was transferred to Starbase Bravo.