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Profile Overview

Dr. Persefoni Hargraves

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Hargraves


Publisher / Editor in Chief - Olympic Journal
USS Olympic (Archive)


Persefoni Thames Hargraves


Salida, CO


The first name means “Bringer of death”.  The middle name means “The dark one, a river in England.”  The older sister to Charlie Hargraves, assigned to the USS Mackenzie as diplomatic officer.


An intense editor-in-chief and an aggressive taskmaster.


Early Life (2336-2358)

Persefoni Hargraves was born to Lucas and Patricia in 2336.  She graduated high school in 2354 and immediately applied to the University of Southern California and enrolled in their Journalism program.  She graduated in 2358 and worked as a string reporter for the Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles Times (2358-2366)

Persefoni worked as a string reporter from 2358 to 2360 before being promoted to Assistant News Editor.  She worked on several high-profile stories and earned the respect of the newsroom.  In 2362 she is promoted to News Editor.  She served with great distinction until she left the Times in 2364 to pursue her Masters’s in Writing at John Hopkins University.  She graduated with her MA in 2366 and began work on The New England Journal of Medicine as an editor.

The New England Journal of Medicine(2366-2378

Persefoni started as an editor in 2366 and quickly made an impression at the journal.  She is promoted to Assistant Editor in 2368 and Deputy Editor in Chief in 2374.  In 2376 she is made Interim Editor In Chief at the death of her predecessor.  She worked for a year until she resigned to get her doctorate at Brown University.  She graduated in 2382 as Dr. Hargraves.

The Lancet (2382-2390)

Dr. Hargraves became the Assistant Editor at The Lancet from 2382-2385.  She was promoted to Deputy Editor in Chief from 2385-2388 and held the Editor in Chief position from 2388-2390.

USS Olympic (3.5.2390-Present)

Appointed Editor in Chief of the Olympic Journal on 3.5.2390.