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Profile Overview

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Oscar Reede

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Reede


Chief Communications
USS Dragonfly


Oscar Reede


Memphis, TN


Oscar is a current graduate of Starfleet Academy.  He is still nervous and unsure of what lies ahead and is very focused on learning and leading his team well.


Tall at 6’1 with a neatly trimmed beard.

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He is nervous and unsure of himself at times.  Learns best by doing.


Early Life (2379-2397

He was born to Eliza and Joshua Reede on 6.7.2379 in Memphis, TN.  Average performer in school.  He graduates in the lower half of his class.  He spends most of his time playing computer games and is given the ultimatum by his parents to either get a job or try Starfleet Academy.  Oscar chooses the Academy and selects Communications as his specialty by random choice.

Starfleet Academy (2397-2401)

Oscar spends the first two years buried in his video games, tending to his studies barely.  The Head of the Communications Faculty hunts him down one day and nearly crashes into his dorm room.  Reede’s been testing in the upper levels, and the professor is furious at his lack of attention to his continuing studies.  He puts Oscar on Academic Probation and moves him out of the dorm and into student housing with fellow communication cadets.  The professor sends the gaming system home.  Oscar begins to come out of his shelf, and by his junior year, he had formed friendships and started being more involved in his studies.  His senior year is his best so far, and for his senior practicum, he and several senior cadets are assigned to the USS Mackenzie.

USS Mackenzie (5.23.2401-9.15.2401)

He was assigned to the Mackenzie on 3.01.2401 as a Senior Cadet Chief Communications Officer.  On May 31st. 2401, he graduated from Starfleet Academy and was promoted to Ensign.

USS Dragonfly (9.15.2401-Present)

In a surprise move, the crew of the Makenzie is reassigned to the USS Dragonfly.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
9.2401 - Present Chief Communications Officer USS Dragonfly
2401 Chief Communications Officer USS Mackenzie
2401 Cadet Chief Communications Officer USS Mackenzie
2397 - 2401 Cadet Starfleet Academy