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Profile Overview

Adrea Seo

1/2 Human/Half Vulcan Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Seo


Chief Medical Officer
Outpost Houtman (Archive)


Seo Adrea


USS Bohr


Seo as an ensign was a little on the wild side. She had the verve and vibrance of three people and an endless barrage of questions until the day that it all dropped away. The death of her father heralded over a decade of a suddenly introspective and quiet young woman. Dependable, prompt, extremely detail oriented, but completely out of touch with anything outside of her duties to the ship. She was taken off of active duty following an incident with property damage aboard the USS Walter Hill that was rumored to involve property damage. Almost a year later she returned to duty with a whole new attitude and a gentleness that had never been present before.


Adrea is a deceptively slender woman who looks to be in her early thirties with long black hair and dark brown eyes. Without it being pointed out that her features are a blend of Asian and Vulcan, she can easily pass for a human with slightly pointed ears. Adrea stands roughly 5’5″ and has rather lean musculature. Typically on duty her hair is worn braided back and tucked under artfully under. Her uniform always starts off crisp and neat, though towards the end of the day she might as well have slept in it.

On her own time, her hair is either down and wild or shoved up into a messy bun. Her preferred style of dress is loose, flowy, airy pieces that lets her move freely. She doesn’t tend to wear any jewelry. Her ears aren’t even pierced. However, she does have a fairly large black work tattoo on her right shoulder of a bird in flight surrounded by a circle of stylized waves. Often smears of paint or clay dot her outfit somewhere, or under her nails, swiped across a cheek, etc.


This portion of her life Adrea calls her ‘coming back to life’. She feels like she’s woken up after a really long sleep and has just started getting reacquainted with herself. She’s smiling again, pursuing her arts, getting lost in the same kind of trashy romance novels that she’d discovered at the Academy. Her passion is present and active just below her skin instead of locked down into her gut where she wouldn’t touch it. Adrea has learned to name and honor her emotions and needs, then choose what to do with them- which is usually burying it in one of her art mediums.

She really hadn’t been social for many years, and is trying to improve on that. Her emotions mirror clearly in her dark eyes. While she hasn’t had another destroy everything binge, she has found herself needing to edit the need to edit appropriate responses to highly stressful situations.


Adrea was born on the cusp of a tragedy aboard the USS Bohr. The science vessel was boarded by Breen, killing much of the crew before being repelled. As her mother Evoras lay dying, Adrea was delivered and passed to her father Myung who held his wife’s hand as she passed away from injuries incurred during the attack. He raised her as a single parent, often calling on friends at the embassy and fellow officers for guidance to show her as much of her mother’s culture as she could without sending Adrea to her grandparents for long stretches of time. He never remarried, instead he focused his time on helping Adrea grow into a well rounded person.

And she did eventually. Even in space Adrea had been the wild child running barefoot through the ship laughing or finding new and interesting places to hide that she really shouldn’t have been. She hated having her hair brushed, was in love with the word ‘why’ and learned like a sponge. Adrea had always read well above her age level- argued like a tiny lawyer- and had a million hobbies and side interests that rotated by the week. By the time she’d hit her preteens the constant flux had narrowed down to a few very strong interests. Then in her teens pared down even more. By twenty two she was ready to enter the Academy after much coaching from her father and his fellow crewmates to come join them amongst the stars.

Though a very good student, Adrea was all over the place, piling on extra classes, activities, clubs. The access to new mediums and new people was a heady thing that took her a bit to get control over. When she graduated it must have been a relief that she was unleashed on some other responsible party who could shape her down into a quieter, tamer medical officer than the passionate and exuberant officer that left. It hadn’t been managed during her first tour aboard the Delaware. Or her second aboard the Vincent Rossi. It wasn’t until she was contacted by one of her father’s crewmates that he had passed away in his sleep, and they were investigating the why.

They got what they wanted: Adrea became the quiet, studious, focused crewman almost overnight. She withdrew to deal with her loss that took over a decade to get over. All of her outlets and interests had withered away. Work was her singular focus. It was her existence. She weathered raids and skirmishes and border duty and long hauls with the same quiet introspection and drive for perfection until one random day in the beginning of the year of 2400 Adrea snapped. She trashed her own sickbay then sat in the middle of the chaos and wept bitter, soul wrenching, inconsolable tears that no one could figure out why.

A specialist was called in who promptly swept Adrea off to Vulcan to help her regain her self again. Several months were spent in long discussion and sleepless nights. Her emotions were continually prodded and questioned. She was pushed to pick up a paintbrush, clay, verse. Taken on tours of museums and bombarded with music from dozens of cultures, not just vulcan. She wasn’t treated like a vulcan she was told because she wasn’t one, but that didn’t mean that she could deny either side of her biological makeup and all of the traits and tendencies that went along with it. Eventually she was released back to Starfleet with a clean bill of mental health and reassigned to a fresh start on Outpost Houtman.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2376 - 2379 Medical Officer USS Delaware
2380 - 2386 Medical Officer USS Rossi
2387 - 2392 Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Wochak
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2393 - 2400 Chief Medical Officer USS Walter Hill
2401 - Present Chief Medical Officer Outpost Houtman