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Profile Overview

Captain Darius

Capellan Male

Character Information


Kull Wolfgar is Captain of the White Orchid, a holoship converted to the finest casino cruise ship in the galaxy. He is known on board to his guests as Captain Darrius. To the galaxy, Wolfgar is an assassin To the government on Caplella IV he is Kaal Eraar, heir apparent to the throne, and a wanted man . . . but then, that’s a whole other story.


Little of this man’s history is public knowledge. It is said that in fact there is a dossier secreted away. But who has it? Who holds the story of this man?

It is known that apparently he has a vendetta against the Herogin from the time of their invasion of Capella IV where his sister Meka was killed by them, or their supporters. It is also surmised by a very few that he obtained the Orchid from a pirate clan to carry out their plots.

It is also known that Wolfgar was good friends with Admiral Rolf Emmerson while on the ill fated planet, Atlantis and the Federation station, Deep Space Seven sometime before the asteriod storm annihilated   both the station and the planet below it. It would safe to say that he was working with or for Starfleet in some capacity.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2370 XO IKS Black Nova