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Profile Overview

Wallace Jones

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Jones


Commanding Officer
USS Thyanis


Wallace Avery Jones

10th August 2364

Earth, Los Angeles, California


Wallace Jones is the incumbent Commanding officer of the USS Thyanis – NCC-88019; a Raven class Corvette assigned to the Fourth Fleet: Taskforce 93.

Selected for his natural leadership skills and strong work ethic Wallace decided to make the lateral move to Command positions after spending a year secondment as an engineering project manager at the Daystrom Institute of Technology; Wallace was influential in managing a small team of engineers to design the framework and prototypes for a Warp Drive efficiency upgrade for many of Starfleets older vessels, helping them fall in line with more modern starships


Wallace Jones is 6ft 2 inches tall, of African American ethnicity, and athletic build. He maintains a high standard of personal hygiene which also includes a daily skincare and grooming routine. Wallace was raised to Military standards and therefore has adopted a strong ethic of ensuring that every aspect of his appearance is scrupulously maintained to perfection.

His uniform is always ‘Pressed to Impress’ and his shoes; ‘Shined to Blind.


Wallace Jones is a natural-born leader with a talent for motivating people under his command to perform beyond what they believed they were capable of.  His greatest flaw however is his rigid attitude toward procedure and protocol which at times make him difficult to work under. Junior officers can develop an opinion that he can be difficult to approach and some even outright avoid his gaze when he approaches for fear of being asked to account for something that does not meet his expectations.

To more senior officers, however, he is an individual who believes in getting everyone directly involved in decision-making, he is an excellent tactician and he genuinely cares for the welfare of his colleagues.

He sets and demands high standards because he will not settle for delivering anything but excellence. sometimes this is required to be at the expense of making friends but it almost certainly earns him respect amongst all.


Early life (2364-2382)

Wallace was born August 10th 2364, in Burbank, Los Angeles, California. His parents, Wade & Clara Jones were both serving Starfleet officers which meant that Wallace was practically raised aboard starships for the first few years of his life. It’s no surprise that with these early years being some of Wallace’s fondest memories, he would one day follow in his parent’s footsteps and join the service himself.

Wallace’s father, Wade, was a security officer aboard the USS Melbourne. His mother, Clara, was a Science officer. From a young age, Wallace’s father taught him discipline, routine and skills that would later shape his career in starfleet. Despite the intensity of his father’s parenting, Wallace received in equal measure care and love from his mother’s side. Both approaches worked in balance and nurtured a very happy early childhood.

In 2367 the Melbourne engaged The Borg at Wolf 359. The ship was critically damaged and the order was given to abandon ship. During the evacuation, Wallace’s parents found themselves caring for their god-daughter; Clementine, whose parents were dear friends of Wallace’s father.

Sadly Clementine’s parents perished and without any other living relatives, Clementine was raised alongside Wallace as if she was their own. In the years that followed, Wallace and Clementine became inseparable.

After Wolf 359, the family took up assignments back on Earth. By the summer of 2367 they had settled back in L.A. with the hopes of providing a more stable upbringing for the children.

At school, Wallace was something of a troublemaker and was very nearly expelled during his freshman year at high school, for reprogramming the school holographic projectors to replace the main characters in a production of Hamlet with Orion slave girls.

His punishment was mitigated to extended terms of detention after his father negotiated to have Wallace assist with upgrading the system over the summer. By this time in his life, Wallace was already adept in the skills that he would later apply to his career as an engineer.

In 2381 Wallace’s Father was diagnosed with Tyler’s Disease; a genetic disease of the central nervous system for which there was no cure. Wade hid the diagnosis from his family until Wallace entered Starfleet Academy, not wanting to delay his son’s future or become a burden.

Academy years (2382 – 2388)

After beinging his studies Wallace split his time between the academy and home life, having recently learned of his father’s diagnosis. For some time Wallace felt a sense of obligation to spend time caring for his father as his health deteriorated.

For much of his first year, Wallace burnt the candles at both ends. Focusing on his studies by day and his evenings at the family home before beaming back to the academy before curfew. Despite this routine Wallace scored admiably In his first year exams and assessments.

In June 2383, Wade Jones passed away from complications with his disease.

After a short period of mourning, Wallace wasted no time getting back into his studies, now more focused than ever to follow in his father’s footsteps and earn his commission within starfleet.

Wallace’s efforts paid off and by 2388 he began his career In earnest, graduating with a degree in Warp systems engineering and the rank of ensign.

First deployment USS Tomcat (2388 – 2392)

Wallace began his post academy career assigned to USS Tomcat NCC-62514 as an engineering technician, assigned to Warp Nacelle control.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2382 - 2383 Cadet Starfleet Academy San Francisco
Cadet Freshman Grade
2383 - 2384 Cadet Starfleet Academy San Francisco
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2384 - 2385 Cadet Starfleet Academy San Francisco
Cadet Junior Grade
2385 - 2386 Cadet Starfleet Academy San Francisco
Cadet Senior Grade
2386 - 2388 Academy Post-Graduate (Warp Systems Engineering) Masters Degree Starfleet Academy San Francisco
2388 - 2390 Engineering Officer - Nacelle Control Technician USS Tomcat NCC-62514
2390 - 2392 Operations Bridge Officer USS Tomcat NCC-62514
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2392 - 2394 Engineering Officer- Warp Plasma Systems Specialist USS Columbia - NCC-76991
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2394 Acting Deputy Chief Engineer USS Columbia - NCC-76991
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2395 - 2398 Deputy Chief Engineer USS Yamato - NCC-75501
2398 - 2400 Chief Engineer USS Yamato - NCC-75501
2400 - 2401 Project Manager Daystrom Institute of Technology
Lieutenant Commander
2401 Commanding Officer/ Engineer USS Thyanis – NCC-88019
Lieutenant Commander
2401 Commanding Officer USS Thyanis – NCC-88019
Lieutenant Commander
2401 - Present Commanding Officer USS Thyanis – NCC-88019