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Kriosian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Korian


Commanding Officer
USS Yudhisthira (Archive)




Krios Prime


He's alive!

He's alive!


Captain Korian is the commanding officer of the USS Yudhishthira. He is one of the very few people with a hundred years of service in Starfleet.


Captain Korian is of medium height but obviously fit. He has long black hair which he keeps tied back with a black ribbon and a goatee. An exotic condition in his early career has left him with gaunt features and an eerily pale complexion. His glowing red eyes can seem terrifying, at least initially.

He most commonly wears a captain’s long coat featuring classic style cuff braid rank insigna. He is also fond of a ‘captain’s vest’ variant which he wears with the short sleeved undershirt of the ‘operations’ variant, revealing extensive tattoos on his forearms. While on landing parties, prefers the vest variant with long sleeves with the longcoat. 

Under his longcoat, he wears a Sam Browne-style belt with shoulder strap which serves to hold the scabbard of an award sword known as the Federation Patriotic Fund sword, celebrating 100 years galant service to the Federation.” The updated sword knot cord features 5 strands, each in colours representing the service ribbons for the Cardassian War, Galen border conflicts, Tzenkethi war, Federation-Klingon war of 2372, Dominion war, and two black ribbons.


While he is in no way unmovable, Korian has lost the youthful optimism that characterized him as a young man. He is a fighter. A battle-hardened veteran of far too many conflicts to have come out completely unscathed. Experience and loss have made him a calculating pragmatist who prizes highly rational, critical thinking. While he is not considered the most genial of Starfleet’s Commanding officers, he does have a cynical sense of humour, and he earns the trust and loyalty of his crew through respect, integrity, fairness and an unwavering attitude towards the value of the lives of his crew.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Security Brig officer
Able Crewman
Security Bodyguard
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Security Security personnel
Petty Officer 1st Class
Security Tactical officer
Chief Petty Officer
Command Security Chief
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Command Chief of the Boat & Security Chief
Master Chief Petty Officer
Security Investigations officer
Security Investigations officer & Intelligence Analyst
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Security Security Intelligence Operative & Analyst
Security Chief of Security
Lieutenant Commander
Command Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander
Command Executive Officer
Command Commanding Officer
Command Commanding Officer
Command Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer USS Yudhisthira
Commanding Officer USS Yudhishthira