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Oskar Eichmann

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Eichmann


CSec - Andromeda
USS Valhalla


Oskar Walter Eichmann

4 June, 2372



Lieutenant Oskar Walter Eichmann (born June 4, 2372) is a Starfleet officer from Kochel, Germany. He is currently serving as the Chief  tactical officer aboard the USS Andromeda, an Intrepid-class starship.

Early Life and Education:

Oskar was born in Kochel, Germany, and he grew up with a fascination for space exploration and Starfleet. He excelled in his studies, focusing on physics and engineering, and he was accepted into Starfleet Academy in 2390.

Starfleet Career:

Upon graduation from the Academy in 2394, Oskar was initially assigned to the USS Centaur, a Centaur-class starship, as a junior tactical officer. He proved to be an exceptional officer and quickly rose through the ranks.

In 2401, Oskar was assigned to the USS Andromeda, an Intrepid-class starship, as a tactical officer.

Off Duty:

When off duty, Oskar enjoys practicing parkour and studying ancient martial arts techniques. He is also an avid chess player and enjoys playing against fellow officers in the ship’s recreation room.

Personal Life:

Oskar has been married to his wife, Jana, since 2400. They met while stationed together on the USS Centaur and were married on Earth during a shore leave. They have two children, Markus and Lina.

Awards and Honors:

Throughout his career, Oskar has been awarded several commendations and medals, including the Starfleet Medal of Valor and the Starfleet Achievement Medal. He is highly respected by his colleagues for his dedication, bravery, and tactical expertise.

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