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Profile Overview

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Park Seoyeon

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Park


Executive Officer
USS Dragonfly


Park Laura Seoyeon


Azuza, California


A heart in hand and on the sleeves officer, Park Seoyeon is on her final chance to redeem herself and her mistakes in her career.  The Mackenzie will be her hope or her destruction.


Created using MidjourneyAI
Created with MidjourneyAI


Passionate to a fault, Park is outspoken and driven to prove herself whenever possible.  She’s got a temper and a cranky side when she’s agitated.


Early Life (2366-2384)

Park was born on 8.6.2366 to Harry and Grace Park.  Her personality didn’t take long to develop, and its strengths also became her weaknesses as she grew up.  She spent much of her middle school and high school years in the principal’s office with a nasty habit of fighting, yelling, and making her point with her fists.  She graduated high school in 2384.  Her parents gave her the option to apply to Starfleet Academy or go to reform school.  She chose Starfleet.

Starfleet Academy (2384-2388)

Her academy files are filled with high praises and stacks of disciplinary notes in equal measure.  Her fists were less of her problem as she learned to hold them at her side.  Her words became her weapon of choice.  There were notable incidents during her Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years between male and female students having issues with Cadet Park.  Senior year she was summoned to a panel of Academy instructors.  Their message was simple – get it under control, or she would find her way out of the Academy.  Park responded by isolating herself from her classmates at every opportunity.  Her grades improved, and she passed finals, ending up with a final standing in the middle of her graduating class.  She was assigned to the USS Lake of Glory, a Miranda class.

USS Lake of Glory (2388-2390)

Park was assigned as a science officer and served with average reviews.  Her assistant chief ignored her and gave her menial tasks, which she succeeded in.  She worked in the shadows and avoided her fellow crew.  In 2390, she took a chance and applied for the Assistant Chief Science position on the USS Flathead Lake, an Olympic Class science vessel.

USS Flathead Lake (2390-2395)

Park was given more freedom on the science vessel and worked at building a successful science team under her.  There were conflicts with the XO, which was built over the next five years.  She was promoted to Lieutenant in 2393 and applied for the Chief Science position vacated by a retiring officer.  Surprising everyone, she was granted the position.  She was promoted to Lieutenant.  Park succeeded in this position and worked well with her team, but the conflict continued with the XO.  In June of 2395, she got into a verbal argument during a mission briefing that became heated to the point that security had to be called.  She was ordered into counseling and reassigned.

USS Fargo’s Folly (2395-2397)

Park is assigned as the Chief Science officer of a Reliant class.  Her counseling takes time and hard work.  She got along with her commanding officer and the XO.  In late 2395, she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.  In 2397, a captain requested her to fill the XO role on his ship.

USS Benjamin Franklin (2397-2401)

Park steps into the XO role on the New Orleans class Benjamin Franklin. At first, it was a successful assignment.  In 2398, the captain retired, and a new CO was assigned.  The conflict started immediately, became a pressing issue, and began to spill over into the crew.  Commander Wren Walton, one of Starfleet’s problem solvers, is assigned to Park, and she works with her for an entire year. Park improves and is promoted to commander in 2399.  Her improvement is temporary.  In February 2401, she was given a last chance and assigned to now Captain Wren Walton as her XO and Chief Science Officer on the USS Mackenzie.

USS Mackenzie (02.07.2401- Present)

Assigned as XO and Chief Science Officer.  Shifts CSO responsibilities to a new CSO.

USS Dragonfly (9.20.2401-Present)

In a surprise move, the crew of the Makenzie is reassigned to the USS Dragonfly.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
10.2401 - Present XO USS Dragonfly
2401 Executive Officer USS Mackenzie
2399 - 2401 Executive Officer USS Benjamin Franklin
2397 - 2399 Executive Officer USS Benjamin Franklin
Lieutenant Commander
2395 - 2397 Chief Science Officer USS Fargo's Foll
Lieutenant Commander
2390 - 2395 Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Flathead Lake
2388 - 2390 Science Officer USS Lake of Glory
2384 - 2388 Cadet Starfleet Academy