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Profile Overview


Vulcan Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Stravek


Chief Science Officer
USS Lafayette (Archive)



Translated to Federation Standard Calendar: September 19th, 2359

S'Lara region, Vulcan


Stravek is the epitome of a Vulcan, complete with stoic observations and flawless logic. He boasts no human DNA to cause emotional outbursts, and is happy for it. He has, however, found a certain amount of logic in human humor, and has added it to his quiver, much to the surprise of many of his crew mates.He credits this appreciation (and his love for Tai Chi) to his father’s old assistant, Mary. She challenged his views on logic and emotion early on and brought him a broader understanding of who he was as an individual and the importance of outside perspectives.

Stravek is a bit older than his fellow crew members but he takes this in stride. Though, and he will admit it is quite illogical, it does provide him with a great deal of happiness when he can outshine his younger crew mates in physical activities.