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Profile Overview

Kenzie Sholtz

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Sholtz


Kenzie is the female protagonist of the Eine Neue Reise Beginnt side-story following the Earth Cargo Ship Nuance which she is the owner and Captain of. The ship does missions for the Earth Cargo Authority and she has been doing this since shortly after turning 16 when she graduated following the death of her guardian the governor of the colony she was born on. She was adopted by him after the death of her parents during a space battle of some kind which she has yet to explain. Kenzie is intimate with Warren her chief engineer and the only other crew member of the Nuance as of the start of the story.

Prior to meeting Warren Kenzie was a loner and kept to herself on the ship; her only companion being the ships AI whom she calls Kimi though it is unclear if this is the AI’s name.


Her parents were killed in an attack on her home colony. She was adopted by the colony’s governor whom raised her like his own daughter until his death when she was 16. She then went to work for the Earth Cargo Authority and has not had family since. She has been a loner since and just completes her work for the ECA. She likes the adventure the work gives her. She has learned everything she knows though trial and error as far as ship operations, engineering and command goes.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
4560 - Present Captain ECS Nuance