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Gaius Sejanus

Magna Roman Male

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Gaius Aurelius Sejanus



The blood of warriors flow through the veins of Gaius as he comes from a long line of Roman military men. From his military training at a young age, Gaius grew in skill and prowess very quickly and soon began to outclass many of his fellow Romans. Gaius relies on brute force and more grounded attacks as opposed to others, who rely more on nimble movements that often elevated them above their enemies. Nevertheless, he does not lack in athleticism and is incredibly fearless. Currently has taken a new assignment as the new 5th Marine Special Operations Team Chief (5MSOT/TC) on the U.S.S. Hawaii.


Name Gaius Aurelius Sejanus

Rank Gunnery Sergeant

Nickname ‘Gunny’

Call Sign ‘Indominus’

Current Post 3rd Marine Raider Battalion, headquartered on Pollux IV – awaiting assignment.

Duty Position 5th Marine Special Operations Team Chief (1MSOT/TC)

Personal Information

Date of Birth April 24, 2356

Age 32

Home World 892-IV (Magna Roma)

Gender Male

Species Magna Roman

Father Marcus Ceionius Proximo Sejanus

Mother Julia Caesonia Marcella Sejanus (Deceased)

Brother(s) Marius Ceionius Aelianus Sejanus

Sister(s) N/A

Other Family Lucius Aelius Sejanus – Former Captain of the U.S.S. Centurion and fugitive of the Federation. Ultimate fate unknown.  

*See Tenaran Incident, File: Alpha-Gamma 992.3758)

Children N/A

Family Details 

Gaius proudly wearing his Magna Roma armor of his family

The Sejanus family are a prominent family of Magna Roma, hailing from the ancient Ceionius gens (a family that consists of those individuals who share the same nomen and claim descent from a common ancestor) of patrician (ruling class) heritage.

Many members of the modern era Sejanus family proudly claim lineage from their agent ancestor, Lucius Aelius Sejanus, the former prefect of the Praetorian Guard, confidant and friend of the Emperor Tiberius. Many of his descendants consider Lucius Sejanus as the greatest leader in their history, for it was Lucius who overthrew mad old Emperor Tiberius and had him murdered and made himself emperor in his place and helped to strengthen Rome, leaving a lasting legacy that eventually became Magna Roma.  

Physical Appearance

Height 1.83m

Weight 96kg

Hair Color Dark Brown

Eye Color Hazel

Physical Description

A physically impressive specimen, Gaius is a hardy, muscular individual whose body bears the toils of past battles. Due to his upbringing as a son of a Roman military father, Gaius has a much more muscular build than the average Roman thanks to his strict upbringing, training and routine sessions of intensive regular exercise. He is an eagle-faced man with sharp features and piercing hazel colored eyes which are as steely as a Romulan’s. He also wears his hair close-cropped and clean-shaven in the Magna Roman style.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Gaius Sejanus is considered a paragon amongst the people of Magna Roma. He is as much a patrician statesman as he is an indefatigable warrior. He possesses almost preternatural intelligence, cold reason and an indomitable will. Sejanus is considered a great warrior, strategist and statesman by the people of his home world. He is a charismatic and gifted leader, beloved by his people: feted as a consummate commander and famed for his daring exploits and bold application of tactics. Sejanus is also an excellent organizer and logistician and is quite capable of turning the wildest theories into practical reality and rendering order from chaos. As a Starfleet Marine senior noncommissioned officer, he uses the application of analysis and reason and constantly seeks to purge any weakness or deficiencies to achieve the optimal military outcome.

A superlative strategist, Sejanus believes in the application of a duel doctrine which embraces the ancient and deterministic values of the Roman warrior: courage, discipline, skill and adaptability, defined as what is practical. While on the other hand: planning, precedent, analysis and assessment which is defined as theoretical. He considers both of equal weight and value – one complementing and informing the other, blending together as the metals which forges a fine blade.

Sejanus’ leadership can be as ruthlessly even-handed as it is efficient, with the needs of the individual sublimated to the greater whole, but the life of the individual is never spent wantonly or without purpose; for Sejanus believes in following the tenets of ancient Magna Roma doctrine which states that each warrior lost weakens those who remain. Within his command, Sejanus believes in rewarding the valor and achievement of the individual with honor and responsibility, but the obedience to hierarchy and the order it demands of its members is to be unquestioning and unchallenged.  

Strengths & Weaknesses

Sejanus is a consummate professional whose tactics and leadership are second to none. A charismatic individual, Sejanus knows how to coax the best out of his subordinates through inspirational speeches and leading them by example. There is no task he would ask of his subordinates that he would not do himself. Due to his ‘hands on’ approach, the Marines who serve under his command are utterly loyal to him. Sejanus instills within them the will to fight for the Federation and its ideals, which gives them a tenacious fighting determination.

An astute tactician Sejanus also learns from his enemies, be it in certain technological developments or to counter the threat of never-before-seen tactics, and applies what he learns to his own tactics and strategies. He also possesses an innate ability to see the best in his subordinates and knows how to maximize their strengths and capitalize on them whenever possible to ensure greater success for the entire unit. He is able to do so by surrounding himself with those whose strengths compensate for the areas they might be weaker in. Sejanus knows how to keep his subordinates running at an optimal level of performance.

Despite his many positive attributes, Sejanus is only human, and therefore, suffers from many of the weaknesses that commonly plague humanity. First and foremost, he is often considered haughty and arrogant by those who meet him for the first time. Sejanus comes from a long line of patricians (upper class) having been brought up in a life of luxury, power and privilege. In his world’s past, families of the patrician class faced little work or real responsibility and were blessed with a relatively charmed life. As they owned most of the land, they had access to the best education as well as a superior upbringing. They came to believe themselves above the low-born plebians (commoners) and believed that only they possessed the natural born right to govern, which became hereditary.

Only within the last nine decades, have the Maga Romans attempted to part ways with their more archaic traditions, such as slavery and the division of social classes, but it has been a long process trying to undo thousand of years of tradition. Though he plays the part of a charming aristocrat, when angered, he struggles with the rising urge to react with violence, a byproduct of ancient traditions and hereditary social norms, for plebians had grown accustomed to being obeyed by their lessers without question. At times, Sejanus struggles with his inherent cultural urges and the norms of Federation etiquette and expected decorum.


In true Magna Roman fashion, Sejanus tends to come off as conceited or self-important. His powerful presence and resonant and powerful voice, can oftentimes be quite intimidating to those who are more reserved.  But in reality, there is nothing further from the truth. Sejanus is merely supremely confident in his own abilities due to his upbringing, training and natural abilities. He is well aware that he can be too direct sometimes, either in his tone or actions, and attempts to restrain his impulses and act in a professional manner as a Starfleet Marine Corps noncommissioned officer is expected to do. Sejanus can, at times, also be very self-critical. Though this self-awareness can help him as a leader, it is also a weakness, for he takes failure very personally.

Ambitions Sejanus aspires to one day become the Sergeant Major of the Starfleet Marines Corps. Though he could have easily become an officer within Starfleet, he instead chose to enlist in the Starfleet Marine Corps. He is determined to succeed based on his own merits, rather than his family name. He wishes to serve for as long as he is physically able to do so.  

Hobbies & Interests Military History, Ancient History, Military Tactics and Strategy, Philosophy, Armed and Unarmed Combat and weapons collecting. He is also a connoisseur of various cuisine (mostly Earth and Magna Roma).  

Romantic Relationships


Personal History

Family Background:

Gaius Aurelius Sejanus was born in 2356 upon the Federation world of 892-IV (Magna Roma), which bears a striking resemblance to Earth. This world is often cited as evidence of Hodgkin’s Law of Parallel Planetary Development which states that similar planets with similar environments and populations tend to gravitate toward similar biological developments, and sometimes, similar sociological developments as well. Remarkably, Magna Roma saw the development of a society that was remarkably similar to that of Earth’s ancient Roman Empire, although they used a colloquial 20th Century English as their primary language rather than Latin. However, unlike Earth, the Roman Empire on Magna Roma had never fallen, and had grown to dominate the planet. When this world was first visited by the original U.S.S. Enterprise in 2268, it had opened up a whole universe of possibilities for the people of Magna Roma. Within a few decades the Magna Romans petitioned to join the Federation. Since that time, they have attempted to take the best traditions from both worlds – those of their native culture and those of Starfleet – in an attempt to become a more productive member world of the United Federation of Planets.

Gaius’ father, Consul Marcus Ceionius Proximo Sejanus, was a member of Magna Roma’s Senate and one of the first Magna Romans to become a Federation Ambassador. He played an instrumental role in helping his home world become a member of the Federation. His brother, Lucius Aelius Sejanus, was one of the first Magna Romans to attend Starfleet Academy and eventually rose to command his own starship, the U.S.S. Centurion. Most of the officers and crew aboard the Centurion were from Magna Roma, an unusual but not unheard-of practice, for there were other examples were ships were manned entirely by the same alien species – races that preferred their own company to that of others. Upon re-commissioning this starship, the Federation had permitted the Magna Romans to rename their vessel, the Constitution-class cruiser formerly known as the U.S.S. Farragut, in keeping with their own native traditions. Captain Sejanus ran his ship according to the Magna Romans’ own methods and principles.  

The meteoric rise of Lucius Sejanus and his appointment as one of Magna Roma’s first Starfleet officers brought much prestige to his family back on Magna Roma. Unfortunately, following the incident on Tenara in 2365, between the vicious M’Dok Empire and the Tenarans, Captain Sejanus and some of his crew were implicated in a plot to escalate the conflict between these two races, and to influence the Tenarans by teaching the ways of Magna Roma, in direct violation of the Prime Directive. Eventually, Captain Sejanus and his co-conspirators were taken into custody by Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D. They were placed in custody until they could be extradited to the nearest starbase and court-martialed. But before he could face justice, in a bold move, a strike team from the Centurion was teleported aboard the Enterprise and managed to free Sejanus and his fellow co-conspirators, who then teleported back aboard the Centurion and made good their escape.  Of course, the Senate of Magna Roma was informed of the Centurion’s disappearance and Captain Sejanus’ actions.  

As to the Captain’s ultimate fate, it is still unknown, as he remains an elusive fugitive of the Federation. Though the Sejanus family lost some social standing amongst the patrician families, they were able to mitigate their shame somewhat when Consul Marcus Sejanus advocated that the Senate should enact the ancient tradition of damnatio memoriae or ‘condemnation of memory’ – a form of dishonor that was to be enacted against the fugitive Lucius Sejanus – since he had brought discredit to the people of Magna Roma. This meant that the accused would no longer be remembered, essentially erasing the malefactor from their history.  


Gaius comes from a proud Patrician family whose bloodline could be traced back two thousand years to his ancestor and namesake Lucius Aelius Caesar Sejanus. He was brought up in the old imperial school tradition. Growing up he was always reminded of the distinction between patrician and plebeian, especially which one he came from. Unfortunately, despite reforms instituted nearly a century ago, this bygone way of thinking still survives, in some small form, even into the days of the modern era republic. Officially it does not, and people with patrician blood aren’t supposed to receive special favors. But unofficially, a lot of the old thinking still lingers.

Many patrician families know that this is not in line with proper Magna Roma republican thinking, but it is pretty deeply ingrained in some of the more ancient and proud gens (great clans). Despite reforms, old traditions die slowly. The class structure, the warrior ethos, respect for imperial rights and privileges – it is the nature of men to adopt those ways easily and give them up only with great difficulty. On the part of the Romans it required a conscious, deliberate effort.

Gaius was brought up believing that all of this – ancestry, purity of blood and nobility – was more important than anything else. He believed every aspect of it. But for years, he has struggled to overcome his upbringing. First he tried to make himself see that he had to think in terms of his whole world, of all Magna Romans, and not just of Romans. Then he tried to expand his view still further, to embrace all the member peoples of the Federation.

Starfleet Marines:

When he was only sixteen years old, Gaius took the Starfleet Academy entrance exams and passed with flying colors, but instead of attending the following year, he instead decided to enlist into the Starfleet Marine Corps in 2373. Gaius had come to this conclusion after doing more research into the various aspects of Starfleet, and he greatly admired the similar core values of the Starfleet Marines – courage, honor, discipline and warrior ethos. After his seventeenth birthday, he reported to Starfleet Marine Enlisted Basic Combat Training on Earth. He excelled under the harsh discipline and regimented lifestyle, and scored top marks in all aspects of his training. He eventually graduated at the top of his class and was the Honor Graduate of his platoon, which earned him a promotion to the rank of Private First Class. He then attended Starfleet Marine Enlisted Advanced Combat Training. Following the successful completion of this course, Gaius was recognized by his superiors as an outstanding Marine and was offered the rare opportunity to attend the Starfleet Marine Corps Special Operations course. 

Dominion War:

Attack on a Jem’Hadar Encampment

After successfully completed this grueling year-long course, Gaius graduated at the rank of Corporal in 2374, and was immediately thrown into action, as the major interstellar conflict which came to be known as the Dominion War, had escalated between all major powers of the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants, into outright war. Soon starship fleets mobilized on a massive scale, and some of the bloodiest and most destructive conflicts in modern galactic history ensued.  Corporal Sejanus quickly rose through the ranks due to the heavy casualties suffered by Starfleet Marine Corps forces during the beginning stages of the conflict, and the young NCO soon found himself promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant. Throughout the rest of the conflict, Gaius took part in some of the bloodiest fighting of the war including: The Battle of Riktor Prime, the Breen Attack on Earth, the Second Battle of Chin’toka, the Battle of Rondac III and the Battle of Cardassia.

Medical History N/A

Personnel Data

Service Number SB 276-179

Clearance Level Level 4

Duty Shift Days

Quarters Marine NCO Quarters

Education and Training

*2373: Starfleet Marine Corps Enlisted Basic and Advanced Courses.

*2373-2374: Starfleet Marine Corps Special Operations Basic and Advanced Courses.

*2375: Starfleet Marine Corps Noncommissioned Officer Development Course

*2376: Starfleet Marine Corps Basic & Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Courses

*2376-2378: Record Classified – Attends various clandestine and specialist training courses, including sniper and explosives training, survival, escape and evasion and long-range reconnaissance.

Service Record

*2373: Attends Starfleet Marine Corps Enlisted Basic and Advanced Combat Infantry. Graduates Basic Combat Infantry as Honour Graduate of his platoon and is meritorious promoted to Private First Class.

*2373-2374: Attends Starfleet Marine Corps Special Operations Basic and Advanced Courses.

*2374: Promoted to Corporal upon graduation.

*2374: Promoted to Sergeant.

* 2374: Promoted to Staff Sergeant.

* 2375: Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant.

* 2378-2388: Performs various clandestine operations and missions on behalf of the Federation.

Language Proficiency

Latin, Standard English, Klingon, and some Cardassian.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2373 Honour Graduate of platoon Attends Starfleet Marine Corps Enlisted Basic and Advanced Combat Infantry
2373 - 2374 Honour Graduate of Battalion Attends Starfleet Marine Corps Special Operations Basic and Advanced Courses
2374 Special Operations Assistant Squad Leader Classified
2374 Special Operations Platoon Sergeant Classified
2375 Special Operations Team Leader Starfleet Marine Corps Noncommissioned Officer Development Course
2376 Classified Starfleet Marine Corps Basic & Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Courses
2376 - 2378 Classified Attends various clandestine and specialist training courses
2378 - 2388 Classified Performs various clandestine operations and missions on behalf of the Federation