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Profile Overview

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Gabriela Castillo

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Castillo


Chief Flight Control
USS Dragonfly


Gabriela Katelyn Castillo


Houston, Texas


She is driven, focused, and professional.  Her passion is to be the best she can.


Medium height.  She carries herself with confidence, and her hair is often tied up and tight.

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She’s an introvert by nature, and passionate about studying her area of expertise.  This is part of why her relationships haven’t been long – the men she’s dated have found it hard to understand her complex nature and drive for things they don’t see as important.


Early Life (2380-2398)

She was born Gabriela Katelyn Castillo to Peter and Abigail Castillo in Houston, Texas.  She was a curious child and showed promise in elementary school with a mind towards science.  Her studies drifted after she discovered the joy of flying shuttles and she doubled her efforts to understanding the concepts, means, and ways of flight and space flight.  She graduated High School in 2398 with concurrent enrollment in the local Starfleet Academy feeder Community College.  She went into the academy as a Sophomore.

Starfleet Academy (2389-2401)

She exceled in Flight Control and it became her sole focus.  Her skills became clear as she spent much of her free time in the various flight control simulators.  She graduated in 2401 and is assigned to the Flight Control offices on the USS Mackenzie.

USS Mackenzie (2401-9.15.2401)

She served as the Deputy Chief until February of 2401, when she was promoted when her Chief took an assignment on the USS Olympic.

USS Dragonfly (9.15.2401-Present)

In a surprise move, the crew of the Makenzie is reassigned to the USS Dragonfly.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
9.2401 - Present Chief Flight Control Officer USS Dragonfly
2401 Chief Flight Control Officer USS Mackenzie
2401 Deputy Chief Helm Officer USS Mackenzie