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Profile Overview

Deuc Endoll

Cardassian (Hebitian) Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Endoll


Deuc Endoll


Danlec Prime



Family Background

The Endoll family had been adherents to the Oralian Way since early Hebitian times, with the growth of the state and a creation of the Cardassian Union their religious beliefs were decried politically and they were forced to practice their religion in secret.  As a wealthy family with interests in trading and manufactoring they were given more leeway than others; due to their connexions  within the Central Command and Obsidian Order.  The family, along with others who shared their fate moved the residence away from Cardassia Prime, initially going to Bajor during the early contact period to learn of the Bajoran faith that shared many similarities with the Oralian Way.  As the Cardassian relationship with Bajor changed to that of occupation, feeling the reach of the Union encroaching on their small religious community the Endoll family and 25 others left Bajor and relocated to the trade hub-world of Vandora which sat on the border with the United Federation of Planets; one of the major trading partners of the Endoll Organisation.  As a Free Trade Planet, Vandora was not a member of the Cardassian Union, United Federation of Planets, or Talarian Republic but traded freely with all three as well as the Tholians.  With the outbreak of the Federation-Cardassian War the Endoll Organisation was one of the few Cardassian enterprises that could still trade with the UFP due to their being based on a neutral world, but did relay information to Starfleet Intelligence as they believed that the Cardassian Union was a cancer on the people that needed to be removed. All the while adherents to the Oralian Way within the Obsidian Order provided false information to provide a cover for Endoll and the other families they protected.

Early Life (2352-2369)

Deuc was born the middle child of Ledac and Tali Endoll, and like his elder sibling was born on a Federation world, through the planning of his parents and their connections within Starfleet Intelligence – thereby assuring him Federation citizenship as his parents were attending trade negotiations when his mother went into labour.  Deuc was raised amongst the multi-species melting pot that was Vandora City, and although raised within an affluent gated area of the city, would go with his parents into the less reputable sections of the city to provide food and shelter to the poor. His early years were safe from the harsh realities that effected his fellow Cardassians who lived on border worlds, but his family would ensure that he was aware of the problems they faced and how the Cardassian Union was the reason for this.

Deuc was a solid student at school and completed his general education at the age of 15 thanks to private tutoring, just in time to see the official end of the Federation-Cardassian War.  As was traditional within his faith Deuc spent the next two years volunteering to help those in need, and spent time with an aide charity that went to Bajoran refugee camps outside Cardassian space where he experienced first hand the pain and suffering the Cardassian’s had caused to another people, and their hatred of him because he looked like their oppressors.  Trying to explain to them that he was not Cardassian, but Hebitian, was of no effect and while grateful for the aide he and the charity provided on the whole, one night while walking back to his tent he was attacked by a group of Bajorans, resulting in them mutilating his neck ridges, they were only stopped when a Prylar intervened on hearing Deuc uttering an Oralian prayer as he thought he was going to die.

Prylar Yorda provided first aid to Deuc and took him to one of their camps medics, who using their basic medical supplies healed the immediate concerns but did not have a dermal regenerator to remove the injuries from his neck ridges.  The ancient looking Prylar Yorda spent 5 days at Deuc’s side as he recovered and told him of the time he had met Guides of the Oralian Way before the Occupation and how he respected their convictions and beliefs.  When Deuc was ready to leave the ward, Prylar Yorda brought the 4 youths who had attacked Deuc and after they were forced to apologise ask Deuc what he thought their punishment should be. As Deuc was about to say what his decision was a cheer rose through the camp, the Occupation of Bajor had ended.

On returning to Vandora Deuc had decided on what he wished to study at university, his time working at the Bajoran camps had made him realise that he wanted to heal the pain people felt, not only physical but mentally, and applied and was accepted to study medicine at the University of Vandora.

Medical Training (2370-2377)

During his first year at university the DMZ and border between the Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets was confirmed, and Vandora although a neutral planet was now fully surrounded by Federation space, and the trade world slow became more and more Federation-like. The first three years of his training were unremarkable and Deuc completed the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery degrees and continued on to his final two years for the MD.  It was in 2373 when he Domion War broke out and although far from the Bajor system which seemed to the the nexus of the conflict, they were close to the front lines of the Setlik and Minos Korea theatres.  During his time as a medical student Deuc was exposed to treating many casualties of the war.

In 2375 the now Dr Endoll began his specialist training in Psychiatry, which was a vocational qualification alongside his academic studies where he spent time studying  psychiatry and psychotherapy.  A lot of his patients were people suffering from psychiatric distress caused by the Dominion War.

Practicing Psychiatrist (2377-2384)

Deuc worked as a Resident Psychiatrist in his old training hospital dealing with the fallout of the Dominion War, and when attaining Attending/Consultant grade he felt that he could do more good with those who were the innocent victims of the Dominion War and using his Federation citizenship he joined the Federation Refugee Service and for the first time stepped foot on the ancestral world of her people.

Seeing the utter devastation rained down of her people by the Dominion, even two years after the end of the war the cities were shells and the majority of people still lived in make-shift accommodation provided by the Federation.  His time on Cardassia Prime wasn’t as he had expected, generations of living under the eye of the Obsidian Order meant the people he met were not the warm-open people as his fellow Oralian Way members were on Vandora, but prideful yet helpless with a mistrust of anyone – especially someone they saw as a Cardassian working with the Federation.  During his time on Cardassia Deuc slowly came to understand what his people had been through in the generations since his had left Cardassia; one night when walking through a make-shift market in remains of Talan City he heard the familiar recitation of his faith.  He followed the sound of the voices through the dark tumbledown streets until he pulled back a leaning parasteel door to see a Guide leading a reading from the Hebitian Records, all those present wearing recitation masks.

Finding those of his own faith gave Deuc a connexion with the Cardassians and over the next few years he worked tirelessly to aid in the rebuilding of Cardassia, and when his team was pulled out he felt he had gone some way to helping his people.

Early Starfleet (2384 – 2386)

Once word of the impending Romulan Super Nova became public, Deuc knew he wanted to help, but avenues for a civilian were limited, and on the advice of a former colleague he applied for Officer Candidate School to gain a commission within Starfleet. As he was already a fully qualified Attending Psychiatrist with a Doctorates in Medicine and Psychiatry and Senior Fellowship with the Federation College of Psychiatry he underwent the Professionally Qualified Commissioning Course and in 2384 was commissioned as a Lieutenant in Starfleet and was assigned to the Romulan Relief Program.  He spent his time on trying to acclimatise Romulans to the truth that their world was going to be destroyed and that they would need to adapt their inherent sense of secrecy and paranoia when moving to their new worlds.  He spent 24 missions onboard various transport ships re-settling refugees.  During this time he became friends with several sisters of the Qowat Milat, finding several aspects of their philosophical outlook mirroring his own faith.

When the Federation withdrew support for the Romulan evacuation only a year after they had started following the Synth attack on Mars, and with the rising militarisation on Cardassia, Deuc was assigned to over-see the withdrawing of medical support from the planet; something he had fought against with his superiors.

Five Year Mission (2386-2392)

Following time with the relief program, Deuc felt he needed a change and accepted a billet on one of the first Century-class ships the USS Beagle on a 5 year mission of exploration past the Sheliak Corporate.  During this mission due to the small size of the crew Deuc fulfilled the role of CMO and Chief Counsellor, allowing him to practice his medical and psychiatric skills, with the support of other medical staff and counsellors.  During the 5 year mission Deuc was involved in making first contact with 7 new races and developed 3 new medical treatments based-upon their discoveries in this area.  Deuc gained a reputation amongst the crew for his sense of humour and sarcasm, allowing him to deflect even the most difficult of conversations with ease.  He also relished the ability to deal with the interface between physical and mental health for the 500 strong crew, and would often lead meditation sessions for those who wished to attend.

A Healer of the Soul (2392-2401)

On completion of the 5 year mission the Beagle was under-going refit and resupply when new orders arrived for Deuc, he was officially promoted to Lieutenant Commander and was being redeployed to the hospital ship USS Galen as the Head of Psychiatry.  The ship’s mission was to provide medical support in the aftermath of the Sovereignty invasion and conflict.   Deuc spent this time dealing with civilians and Starfleet personnel who had been involved in the conflict and did so for 4 years before again being transferred to the USS Britain as CMO for 3 years.  It was on the USS Britain that Deuc discovered a passion for an ancient Earth writer called Barbara Cartland and started on his quest to read all 728 of her novels as he found them as relaxing as most Cardassian’s found Enigma Tales. Following 3 years on the Britain Deuc was promoted to Commander and again transferred to Deep Space 13, on the Cardassian Border as there were increasing tensions with the True Way and he couldn’t help that think his being posted there was political. He found his two years on DS13 to be the most boring of his career, everyone was mentally stable and with reduced trade due to the attacks by the True Way there were ever decreasing numbers of visitors to the station; Deuc made his first ever request to transfer to a new position.  He missed the hustle and bustle of starship life.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2370 - 2375 Medical Student Vandora University
2375 - 2377 Specialist Training - Psychiatry Vandora University Hospital
2377 - 2382 Resident Psychiatrist Vandora University Hospital/Federation Refugee Service
2382 - 2384 Consultant/Attending Psychiatrist Federation Refugee Service
2384 Professionally Qualified Officer Entrant Officer Candidate School
2385 - 2386 Psychiatrist/Medical Officer Starfleet Relief Program
2386 - 2392 Chief Medical/Counselling Officer USS Beagle
2392 - 2396 Head of Psychiatry USS Galen
Lieutenant Commander
2396 - 2399 Chief Medical Officer USS Britain
Lieutenant Commander
2399 - 2401 Head of Psychiatry Deep Space 13