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Christina Jane Hartley

Human Female

Character Description

CJ’s life started off very badly for her. She was born in 2359, to a family who were very chauvinistic, and were criminals and con artists. Because she was a girl, she wasn’t loved by her father, and even her own mother barely paid attention to her, disappointed in having a daughter. She was the third child born to the Hartley family.

Christina born. Her family are disappointed to have a daughter, and so she is given just enough attention to make sure she is alive, as her mother only got pregnant as part of a con to get money from a source.

At five years old, Christina discovers an old bunker just beyond the family garden. She enters it, and finds a collection of old books, mostly on engineering principles from the 2250’s, as well as some old technology such as Tricorders, PADD’s and even some old phasers that were drained of power. She keeps the find hidden, but manages to sneak lights down from the house. She turns it into her hideout when her family are yelling, planning their next heist or when she just wants to be alone. She spends the next few months cleaning it up as best she can.

At the age of ten, Christina’s Eidetic memory has already allowed her to memorise all the books the bunker had, and had even gotten new ones. One day she is hiding there when Starfleet Security raid the house. When she goes to get lunch, she doesn’t notice the officers as she is reading a PADD, and looks up to see phasers pointed her her. The senior investigator, Lt. Commander Jessica Anderson, orders the officers to stand down, and explains what has happened. Christina points out the basement that had been hidden, which is full of evidence. Jessica asks Christina to get her stuff, and she is led to the bunker. Seeing what kind of child she is, Jessica makes the decision to adopt her, with the blessing of her husband, Brian.

At her new home, Christina starts to study martial arts and Parkour, wanting to train her body as well as her mind.

Jessica officially adopts Christina. She does, however, choose to keep her name, wanting her family name to have a least one good member. This is a decision supported by Jessica and Brian.

Christina suspended from school for fighting. She informs her adoptive family that she fought a bully who was picking on younger children. Jessica finds the evidence to support Christina, and withdraws her children from the school, as well as reporting it to the authorities. Jessica suggests Security as a future for her, but Christina knows she wants to go into Engineering.

Christina applies for Starfleet Academy. She passes the entrance exam, but is rejected. At first, she doesn’t understand why, but finds out it is because of her family name. She accuses Starfleet of being unfair, and a hearing is held. The hearing rules in Christina’s favor, but by the time it does, the new term had begun, so she is forced to wait a year.

Christina is admitted into Starfleet Academy, along with her younger sister Lisa. The two of them go into the field of Engineering. The two of them are inseparable at the academy, helping each other and watching out for one another.

Christina receives a formal reprimand at the academy for getting into a fight with a fellow cadet who claims she shouldn’t be at the academy after the destruction of a civilian freighter is linked to her family. She isn’t investigated because of her family, but she is ordered to undergo counselling, to help her come to terms with the fact that her family are criminals and causing problems.

Christina graduates from Starfleet Academy, and is assigned to the Nova Class USS Archimedes as an Engineering Officer, alongside Lisa. The two of them keep to themselves, not mingling with the crew much as neither wants to see a repeat of what happened at the Academy.

Lisa is promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer, and works closely with Christina, showing that the two of them are exceptional at their work. Together, they improve the efficiency of the engine room. However, they also develop a reputation for arrogance among the crew. Because of this, they request a transfer. However, they are transferred to different ships, and so Christina begins her tour of duty aboard the USS Solstice, an Intrepid Class vessel.

Aboard the Solstice, her reputation follows her, and as such, she is assigned to Deck 15, out of the way, although she still works on her own personal projects and stays out of the way. She keeps a diary, however, of anything wrong with the ship, and in most cases, fixes it herself when she isn’t listened to, although she does make sure to get permission.

Solstice tests a new warp core out, and it looks like it is working. However, Christina notices a minor variance which the Chief Engineer dismisses as being within tolerance. However, Christina also notices a minor imbalance with the EPS Manifolds which isn’t noticed, and orders a complete shutdown of the new core. The Chief Engineer demands to know why and refuses the order.

Going over the head of the Chief, Christina reroutes power and ensures the core is shut down. When threatened with a court martial, Christina presents all the evidence, and even the Chief Engineer concludes she was right to do what she did. He requests a transfer for himself, away from ship duty, accepting that he was wrong, and suggests Christina for his replacement.

Christina is promoted to Lt. JG, and named Chief Engineer of the Solstice. She is considered arrogant and cocky by some, but she is appreciated by the engineering crew, as well as the Captain.

The Solstice is damaged in battle, and is returned to Spacedock for repairs. Whilst there, the former CEO of the Solstice returns to the ship, and Christina knows how much the ship means to him. Out of respect, she requests a transfer, and is assigned to the USS Saturn as the Chief Engineering Officer.

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2382 - 2384 Engineering Officer USS Archimedes
2384 - 2386 Engineering Officer USS Solstice
2386 - 2388 Chief Engineering Officer USS Solstice
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2388 - Present Chief Engineering Officer USS Saturn
Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Summary

Christina is currently the Chief Engineer aboard the USS Saturn, having previously served in the role aboard the USS Solstice, and then as an Engineering Officer in the Solstice engine room, as well as the USS Archimedes.

Current Assignment