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Profile Overview

Christina Hartley

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Hartley


Christina is currently an Engineer aboard the USS Cygnus, serving there as her wife is the Chief Medical Officer aboard the same ship.  She had been an Assistant Chief Engineer, but took a position demotion so she could stay with her wife.


CJ’s life started off poorly for her. She was born in 2359, to a family who were very sweet and kind, but she struggled to open up to anyone. That changed, however, when she was 13, and came out as transgender after meeting Kin’Fuji, who helped her come out, and would be her future wife.

Christina born as Christopher. Her family are excited to have another son,  and is given all the love he could want. As she grows up, she feels like something is wrong, but isn’t sure what.

At five years old, Chris discovers an old bunker just beyond the family garden. He enters it, and finds a collection of old books, mostly on engineering principles from the 2250’s, as well as some old technology such as Tricorders, PADD’s and even some old phasers that were drained of power. He keeps the find hidden, but manages to sneak lights down from the house. He turns it into his hideout when he just wants to be alone. He spends the next few months cleaning it up as best he can. It isn’t long before his parents find it, and in a bid to help him open up, they help him set it up properly, so he has his own little den, adding a replicator, a bed if he wants to rest, and anything else he needs.

At the age of ten, Chris’s Eidetic memory has already allowed him to memorise all the books the bunker had, and had even gotten new ones. He starts to branch out a little, and starts to study martial arts and Parkour, wanting to train his body as well as his mind.

Chris meets Kin’Fuji, who helps him come out as being transgender, and so Christina is born. Christina’s parents support her fully, becoming close friends with Kin’Fuji’s parents.


Christina proposes to Kin’Fuji, who accepts. She fully undergoes Gender Reassignment Surgery, including a womb transplant. After recovery, with Kin’s help, both agree to join Starfleet.


Christina applies for Starfleet Academy. She passes the entrance exam easily, so she and Kin’Fuji both join, and are allowed to share a room as they get married a day before starting at the academy.


Christina and Kin graduate from the Academy and are assigned to the USS Terra Venture.


Christina and Kin are assigned to the USS Calgary.


Christina promoted to Lt. JG and is assigned the role of Assistant Chief Engineer.


K’tress, daughter of Christina and Kin’Fuji, born.


Christina and Kin’Fuji assigned to USS Cygnus. In order to accept the role, Christina accepts a demotion to Engineering Officer so she can be with her family.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2392 - 2395 Engineering Officer USS Terra Venture
2395 - 2396 Engineering Officer USS Calgary
2396 - 2399 Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS Calgary
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2398 - Present Engineering Officer USS Cygnus
Lieutenant Junior Grade