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Profile Overview


Vulcan Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Tolkath



Played By

Meila (ID: )


Tolkath is tall and athletic, with classic male Vulcan features. Dark hair in the traditional style, dark green eyes. By human standards he appears much younger than his fifty four years and most would think him being no more than late thirties.
Tolkath generally presents the aloof calmness and emotional detachment characteristic of Vulcans. He is normally soft spoken and considers his words carefully.
While his mental and emotional control is well established and he has purged extraneous passions, those who know him well believe him to have a dry and pointed sense of humor.


Strengths and Weaknesses:

Tolkath has formidable mental acuity, like many of his species his brain can operate like a machine, able to grasp and resolve complex problems with relative ease.

Able to apply clear and concise reasoning to any problem, event or situation.

A wide knowledge of science and technology gained through his Vulcan education, Science Academy and Starfleet Academy training and hands-on practical experience.

Tolkath has completed the Starfleet Academy Command training program

He has a high level of telepathic abilities, even by Vulcan standards.

Tolkath can be aloof and distant, his emotional control making it difficult for people to become close friends

His cold, clear, logical style can lack a personal touch. This can be compounded by his mission-focused demeanor, which does not always take account of the emotional needs of more sensitive colleagues.


Wife  Lesai, Federation Diplomatic Service

Father  Srarda

Mother  T’Peth

Sister  T’Pela

Personal History:

Early Events:  Tolkath was born on Vulcan in 2340. He is the second child of Srarda, a chemical engineer and T’Peth a stellar cartographer and senior research fellow of the Vulcan Science Academy. He has one sibling, an elder sister, T’Pela, who is a lawyer.

The family lived in the Raak Province, a coastal area that borders the Voroth Sea, one of Vulcan’s few bodies of open water. The Voroth is known for fierce storms and rough seas.

With highly educated parents and a mother who was a respected member of the Vulcan Science Academy it was only natural that Tolkath would be focused on a career in the sciences from an early age.

A dedicated and hard-working student he was always within the top five percent of his classes. As well as his regular education his parents also engaged him in learning about their own specialisms.

Tolkath’s great grandparents, on both sides of the family, were early members of the Syrannite group, who fully embraced the teachings of Surak. The Syrannites rebelled against the Vulcan government in the 22nd Century and brought about the Vulcan Reformation of 2154. If Vulcans admitted to such emotions, then it could be said that the family was proud of their heritage and role in changing Vulcan culture.

Further back, in Vulcan’s more passionate and violent past his ancestors were members of prominent warrior clans before accepting the calm of logic and reason. Mindful of that tradition Srada had his children schooled in Suus Mahna, the Vulcan defensive martial art.

This personal heritage and a trip to view the giant statues of Vulcan warriors overlooking the lava fields of the Fire Plains, gave young Tolkath an early interest in history, which grew into side studies in archaeology and anthropology. While at school was fortunate to visit an archaeological dig at the T’Karath Sanctuary in the desert canyon of Vulcan’s Forge.

This experience of the harsh conditions, scorching temperatures, electrical sandstorms and geomagnetic instabilities scare food, water or shelter stood him in good stead when, at sixteen, he returned to Vulcan’s Forge and the Plains of Blood to complete his maturity initiation ritual, the Kahs-Wan. This is a ten day survival test, where Vulcan teens are left alone without food, water or weapons. Many do not make it the first try, some do not survive at all.

It was during the Kahs-Wan that met his future wife, Lesai. On the last two days of the test a severe sand storm blew up and Tolkath took shelter in a shallow cave, only to find it already occupied by the young and beautiful Lesai. Cooperation and team work are forbidden during the test, but to leave the cave and re-enter the storm would be illogical and deadly. Thus they spent the next two days sitting on opposite sides of the cave, not talking or acknowledging the other’s presence.

At least that is what Tolkath maintains…

After completing the ritual the two teens stayed in contact. When his family began looking around for a suitable future spouse Lesai was found to be an acceptable choice and the couple were betrothed. The wedding would wait though until both of them had completed their education and established careers.

Adult Events:  Tolkath was enrolled in the Vulcan Science Academy in 2358. Undertaking a series of related studies that culminated in his Doctoral Dissertation on Quantum dynamic degeneration sequence calculations for trans-warp field theory

Having achieved his initial educational goals Tolkath finally had time for personal development. The first was to undertake the ancient Vulcan Rite of Tal’oth. A personal endurance ordeal, to live alone in the high desert, surviving for one hundred and twenty days, with only a ritual knife for protection. The rite was not as common as it once was, but again within Tolkath’s family respect for tradition was strong and all members undertook the rite.

Isolated and alone, in the rugged desert Tolkath developed his personal mental physiological control, learning to regulate his mind and body to deal with the harsh conditions. The time alone also allowed him to contemplate the lifelong challenge for many Vulcans, the progression towards achieving Kolinahr

Having successfully completed the survival rite, in 2367, with the onset of their third Pon Farr, Lesai and Tolkath were bonded in Koon, marriage. His new wife had also established her own career, in the Vulcan government, rising to become a member of the staff of the Vulcan ambassador to the Federation Council. The wedding ceremony was a lavish affair, attended by many of the prominent families of Vulcan society. After a brief honeymoon, the couple separated to continue their professional lives. Tolkath back to the Academy, Lesai to her diplomatic duties.

In 2369, after the discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole the VSA dispatched a number of exploration vessels to the newly opened Gamma Quadrant. Tolkath was assigned to the Vulcan Science Vessel T’Vran and spent the next two years exploring the worlds beyond the wormhole.

Career Events:  In 2371 the T’Vran returned to the Alpha Quadrant and Tolkath to the Academy. He spent most of the next two years writing up his second doctorate on species encountered during his time in the Gamma quadrant. The expedition had aroused a curiosity to travel and after much personal deliberation he made the decision to enter Starfleet.

This led to some family friction, particularly with his mother who objected strongly to him leaving the Vulcan Science Academy to go gallivanting off on starships. She refused to attend a family function held before he departed for Earth.

Tension between the Federation and the Dominion had been simmering for some time and war finally broke out late in his second year at San Francisco. Along with nearly all other students his planned science related courses were shelved and Tolkath was trained in Tactical & Security; Flight Control and Command functions.

The war was concluded before his class was drafted to the fleet and he returned to his regular studies,  concluding with a cadet cruise aboard the science vessel USS Faraday.

Relations with his family remained somewhat strained, Lesai and his father came to his graduation ceremony, however his mother claimed to be too busy and declined to attend. Due to his previous experience he was advanced to Lieutenant Junior Grade on graduation. After a short vacation, spent with his wife Tolkath took up his first assignment as a Junior Science Officer, aboard the USS Canyon.

Two years later he managed to be assigned to Starbase 929, where Lesai was now working as a member of the Federation Diplomatic Service. The couple were finally able to commence a normal married life together. They managed to both return to Earth three years later when Tolkath was offered a position at the Starfleet Office of Science Operations – Science Ops – on a Special Research Team, in the Intelligence Applications Directorate. Lesai returned to the Federation Council offices.

The Federation had been left battered and bruised by the Dominion War and now much of the information and intelligence gathered during the conflict was channeled into specific research projects within Science Ops. Many were classified and ranged from improving starship combat effectiveness levels; inventing new intelligence gathering and surveillance devices; disrupting counter intelligence systems to new weapon designs.

As the projects wound down it was time for Tolkath to return to space, but first he was sent back to the Starfleet Academy Command School and successfully undertook the Bridge Officer’s Test, gaining his command rating and a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

He served as Chief Science Officer and Bridge Officer aboard the USS Amundsen, before being assigned to the USS Hyperion.

Service Record:

2364 – 2369  Vulcan Science Academy. Completed his Doctorate in Science.

2369 – 2373   Vulcan Science Vessel T’Vran Gamma Quadrant exploration mission

2373 – 2379  Vulcan Science Academy

2379   Starfleet Academy

  • Year I  Cadet:  Majors: Advanced Theoretical Physics; Probability Mechanics; Exo-archaeology; Exo-biology
  • Year II  Cadet:  Majors: Tactical & Security; Flight Control; Command
  • Year III Cadet:  Minors: Statistical Mechanics; Plasma Physics; Astrogation; Interstellar Ethnology; Ancient Philosophies.
  • Year IV  Cadet:  Academy Training science vessel: USS Faraday

2383 – 2385  Lieutenant Junior Grade: Science Officer: USS Canyon

2385 – 2388  Lieutenant: Science Officer: USS Halestone Garrison Science vessel Starbase 929

2388 – 2392  Lieutenant: Special Research Team; Starfleet Office of Science Operations – Science Ops – Intelligence Applications Directorate.

2392 – 2393  Starfleet Academy: Command School; Bridge Officer’s Test

2393 – 2396  Lieutenant Commander: Chief Science Officer & Bridge Officer: USS Amundsen

2396 – 2399  Lieutenant Commander: Chief Science Officer & Second Officer USS Marco Polo

2399  Lieutenant Commander: Chief Science Officer & Second Officer USS Avenger

Service Number SD-247-671