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Ellen Doyle

Human Female

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Ellen Cosntance Kaur-Doyle



To say that Ellen “Gunny” Doyle has some personal issues, is like declaring that absolute-zero is cold…but you’d be pretty messed up to, if you were left for dead on a derelict station filled with hostile forces, for over two years…and then found out that your mission was made pointless anyways…

As a former black-ops specialist and special forces operator, Ellen has had a varied career: Despite her NCO listing, she was the Security Chief for the USS Rhode Island, first of her class…she was briefly the “sheriff” of Starbase K-3, aka: Providence Fleet Yards…an error in the Starfleet assignment databanks made her, for a while, the Chief Tactical Officer for the USS Constitution. She infiltrated enemy lines before the retaking of the Olympus colony.

Now, she babysits engineers.


Ellen Constance Doyle was born on the terraforming station of what is now the colony world of Salih V to xeno-botanist Dr. Patrick Doyle and lead engineer Dr. Morgan Hansa Kaur first year of the lengthy transformative process.

Curious and savvy from a young age, Ellen often got into trouble by taking apart random peices of technology and putting them back together (with an 67% success rate) around the terraforming complex, as well as acting out for attention as she tried to complete with an entire planet being turned into a living paradise. In an attempt to curb Ellen’s tendancies, Patrick and Morgan enlisted the help of the other service personnel on the station…though with mixed results, and Ellen managed to pretty much raise herself since the age of 11. As she reached her teenage years, the colony’s terraforming process had been completed, and the first surveyors and pathfinders for future colonists had arrived, but even with the influx of new faces, Ellen felt the need to get the hell off the planet where she had spent almost her entire life at that point.

The only other people who she had regular contact with growing up, was the crew of the starfleet transport USS Lantree which had been assigned to a mission of delivering equipment and other such nesscessities and emergency equipment, to the various colonies, stations, relays, and outposts in the sector.

Two weeks after her 17th birthday, she arranged passage on the Lantree to the nearest Starbase, and from there, she got passage to Earth and entered Starfleet Basic Training with a specialty in technical engineering, eventually finding a niche in modifying, maintaining, and managing tactical-related systems and ordinances. During her attendance at the academy, Ellen Doyle also spent time in counselling to deal with the culture shock of going from the remote and claustrophobic of the terraforming station that had been her life, to the mass of people that was Earth.

Despite those troubles, she graduated from basic training with the rank of full Crewman (having stayed an extra year to pick up several additional tactical and operations certifications), and found herself as a Torpedo Bay Technician on the USS Challenger, though she quickly got promoted to a non-commisioned officer grade when she was made Armoury Specialist 3rd class. Later that year, she was promoted to 2nd class, and in 2372 she was made Master-at-Arms 1st Class after assisting Chief Engineer M’Benga with the disarming of several active antique mines that were encountered on an archaeological away mission.

Four months later, the Federation-Klingon War began and Starfleet began trying to increase their number of available trained marines to counter klingon’s wide spread use of ground troops and boarding parties. After the Challenger was ambushed a 3 birds of prey and it’s main systems were dropped in the first barrage, Master-at-Arms Ellen Doyle found herself fending off waves of klingon boarders trying to capture the ship, many of them hand in hand, in a deck-by-deck guerilla fight, that only ended when a Federation task group of reinforcements arrived on the scene.

After that encounter, Ellen willingly accepted a 2-step demotion and put her name in for a transfer to the Starfleet Marines, partially believing that she could serve the war effort better in a frontline capacity, and also needing to scratch the itch for action that had been born into her subcouncious. She spent two weeks getting required training in the tactics, operational workings and equipment of the marines and then was sent into the fray serving in ground actions as a demolitions expert and fire team leader with the rank of Corporal.

The next year, she spent engaging klingon ground forces, often putting her background in ordinance to hit heavy targets such as birds of prey, troop shuttles, and fortified positions. During one fight which had degraded to fighting hand to hand against the klingons after an EMP device had disabled all energy weapons, Ellen recieved a bat’leth slash across the lower right side of her face, and do to the lack of proper medical attention (all the advanced equipment had been similarly fried by the device) acquired a scar as it healed. Even after the fight, Ellen kept the scar as a reminder to always watch her gaurd.

When the klingon war ended, Ellen briefly went back to the Academy to attend the Advanced Tactics course and recieved a promotion to Sergeant, as well as assignment to the special operations units that were being trained and formed in preperation for the full breakout of the Dominion War. When the war hit, Sergeant Doyle was deployed to various theatres throughout the war, usually covertly through either a Defiant-class or a Klingon bird of prey (a situation that was awkward at first given the previous conflict, but quickly turned to comraderie as the two groups worked together successfully). Her primary operations included sabotage, softening up hard targets, running espinoage for Starfleet Intelligence, reconnascience, or more rarely, the targeted removal of certain enemy officers (typically Cardassians, as the removal of Vorta was seen as redundant until the cloning facilities were captured or destroyed).

She participated in orchaestrating a small prison break of POWs and even former Maquis operatives from a Cardassian prison moon, helped ensure the self destruction of the technologically advanced USS Siddartha to prevent it’s capture after the ship had been abandoned in the Zeri VII asteroid belt and salvage efforts proved inadequet, and assisted in the destruction of a Jem’hadar forward surviellance outpost with a jury-rigged quantum torpedo.

Near the end of the war, Sergeant Doyle’s team was tasked by Allied Intelligence for a covert op into a remote Cardassian space station to retrieve information on plans for the integration joint-developed Dominion-Breen technology into Cardassian ships. The mission did not go well as the Cardassians prooved to be members of the growing resistance, and turned on the dominion in the area, igniting a full scale micro-war, with the covert team stuck in the middle of it all. When the Cardassians seemed to succeed in task of retaking the station, the Dominion responded by opening fire on their own station, destroying a chunk of station. When the Dominion ships dropped shields to beam Jem’hadar troops on board, the surviving Cardassians took the opportunity to make a final strike on the Dominion, blowing the ships up with a burst of torpedo fire that ripped another chunk of the station off. It was in this second attack that Doyle’s team took heavy causualties, including Doyle as well who became trapped under debris and knocked uncouncious by a ruptured ODN line.

Doyle’s surviving team took her for dead and evacuated on their ride, a Klingon Bird of Prey known as the IKS Qahl’skah. When Doyle reawakened, she freed herself from the debris and found herself in a living hell.

A third of the station had been destroyed, her team was gone, and the ship was filled with Jem’hadar who had been marooned by the destruction of their vessels shortly after being transportered over…and it didn’t take things long to get much worse. The stores of Ketracel White on the station, that were keeping the Jem’hadar sane, ran out in under a month, causing them to degrade into wild savages that would prowl the station’s promenades and cooridors, looking for victims, such as the Cardassians who had survived and began forming tribal bands based on their units to survive off the limited resources, retreating into their xenophobic baser instincts.

Ellen Doyle survived by trying to keep to herself, and carving out a small section of the station that she could keep power flowing to the life support for, leaving only to covertly raid and stockpile food stuffs and other supplies.

Half a year passed, and then the last of the wild Jem’hadar and Cardassian tribals to Ellen’s knowledge had killed each other off or expired when the life support in their sections died off. Ellen’s supply raids were done via an EVA suit she had patched up, and she kept the life support in her section running by scavenging anything that had an electrical charge. Weapon power packs, shield generator capacitors, even Torpedo warheads. She even raided what was left of the computer banks and acquired the schematics her team had been sent to acquire…and they served as symbol to keep her going…all she had to do was tough it out until someone arrived to find her…then she could complete the mission and help the war effort, and all her trials and sacrifices would be worth it.

…needless to say, it was all she could do from freaking out when a Starfleet ship finally arrived in 2376, almost a full year after she was stranded on the derelict station, and discovered that not only had the war ended, but her mission had proved redundant a few weeks after her mission by the Cardassian Resistance who had acquired a Jem’Hadar fighter with the modifications for the Allies.

…or that most of her former sqaudmates were still alive, and she had been left for dead-