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Profile Overview

Cezear Beattie

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Beattie


USS Denver


Cezear Beattie

19 Dec 2350

Phoenix, Az


5’6” 161 pounds

Black/brown hair worn in a high and tight flat top. A neatly trimmed and taken care of mustache/goatee.




A get your hands dirty type mentality.

***** Uses a set of Baoding balls during periods of anxiety and when deep in thought. During one it’s a form of fidgeting and focus in the other its a form of meditation and focus.



Cezear Is from a blended family. His biological mother died when he was extremely young. His father resigned from star fleet shortly after the incident due to having four kids at home, Cezear is the youngest, and not having family to help.

When Cezear was around the age of four his father met a Vulcan female that had recently lost her husband of ten years, having two children of her own. After a rather quick time they decided to marry and blend the two families into one.

Near the age of five or six his step mother realized that Cezear had  a nose and head for rocks when she saw him going through a pile of rocks and separating them by type. Being a professor of geology she was more then happy to help him further his knowledge in her area of expertise. Going as far as teaching him how to look for and find precious and semi precious stones and then teaching him how to cut and polish them as this was a side hobby of hers.

After graduation from high school Cezear enrolled into the Star fleet academy. He graduated in the top half of his class from the Mellstox III academy with a bachelors in geology.


After giving up his commission in star fleet Cezear decided that he wanted to go back to school . He entered a graduate program at ASU, completing a masters in geology and gaining a bachelors in education.

Cezear spent the next several years teaching high school geology and general sciences.