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Saro Drasa

Cardassian Trans Male

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Lieutenant Drasa


Chief Engineering Officer
Outpost Houtman (Archive)


Saro Drasa


Cardassia Prime


Saro is a rather short and small statured Cardassian male. He hides his figure under bulky engineering jumpsuits and straight lined Starfleet uniforms. His pressence is almost always anounced before he is seen by the telltale jangling of his toolbelt. He wears his short dark hair in a meticulous and typical Cardassian style.


Saro is very methodical and meticulous as one would expected from most Cardassians. He is unusually guarded about himself and his past. He can get rather aggressive if you try to suggest that he is anything but extremely masculine or you try to find out too much about his past.


Saro was born the only daughter of a genetic engineering specialist and a politcian. She had a brother who was older than her by ten years named Nivox. The two were rather close and Saro ended up idolising her brother in a way. She went to school to follow in her mothers footsteps in genetic engineering. She soon had a suitable husband lined up for her when she became an adult. Despite growing up in a wealthy and successful family and having everything advantageous lined up for a prosperous life ahead of her, she was absolutely miserable.

Nivox had been shipped off to Bajor to aid in the Occupation there, leaving his clothes and belongings behind. Finding them, Saro started to dress up in her brother’s clothes and took on a male identity. It was then that she found happiness. Saro started to form a long winded plan. She did not want to be a lovely Cardassian wife bearing children for her husband. Saro had visions of Starfleet and of themself as the husband instead.

Saro picked up and left Cardassia abruptly without any word to their family and went towards Federation Space. It was there that Saro took on a fully male identity and started to transition to male, finally having the freedom to be himself fully. Surprisingly, he didn’t change his name. He felt that Saro was neutral enough that no one would notice. He frequently stops and resumes his transition, rather indecisive about how far he wants to go, still feeling the societal pressure from Cardassia to bear children, of which he does not want at all.

Saro went into engineering, finding that he had a natural talent for machines and fixing things. Not long after joining Starfleet, he reconnected with his brother who also joined Starfleet. He felt disgusted at Nivox for his hand in the Occupation of Bajor. Though he remains in contact with him, Saro isn’t ready to meet him again.

Saro favours the most remote postings he can get into, keeping farther away from Cardassia for his own sanity.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2360 - 2361 Engineering Crewman USS Osprey
Crewman Recruit
2361 - 2362 Engineering Crewman USS Osprey
Crewman Apprentice
2362 - 2365 Engineering Crewman USS Osprey
2365 - 2368 Engineering Petty Officer USS Spectral
Petty Officer Third Class
2368 - 2370 Engineering Petty Officer USS Spectral
Petty Officer Second Class
2370 - 2372 Engineering Petty Officer USS Spectral
Petty Officer 1st Class
2372 - 2376 Engineering Chief Petty Officer USS Spectral
Chief Petty Officer
2376 - 2380 Engineering Senior Chief Petty Officer USS Arcanus
Senior Chief Petty Officer
2380 - 2384 Engineering Master Chief Petty Officer USS Arcanus
Master Chief Petty Officer
2384 - 2388 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2388 - 2393 Engineering Officer USS Doss
2393 - 2397 Engineering Officer USS Cavalier
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2397 - 2400 Engineering Officer USS Cavalier
2400 - Present Chief Engineering Officer Outpost Houtman