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Ayla Hamilton

Human Female

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Ayla Brenda Hamilton



Enlisting straight out of high school Ayla Hamilton was out to find a place where she could exercise both her mind and body and get paid for it.. She decided to try for the SFMC, and entered Boot Camp on Mars at the second camp dubbed Parris Island. From there she went on to join in several campaigns including the Dominion War from 2373 to 2375. Since then she has moved from command to command, in the Alpha then Gamma and now Beta Quadrants..


Ayla B. Hamilton is the younger of the twin daughters of the Hamilton family of Trenton, New Jersey on Earth, born in 2354. Ayla and her sister, Tyra grew up in the metropolis tat the state of New Jersey had become. They were inner city kids, used to getting into and out of scrapes at the drop of a hat. They learned early on to use their gact of being identical twins ro their advantage, very often switching places as children.

Their parents were a seamstress and shipyard maintenance worker. Their parents were unable to give them all the best things in life, but they did give them the love and support that the girls needed to face the world.

Both girls entered high School twigs, but by the time they graduated, they had grown to be amongst the most popular girls in their school. Tyra especially basked in this adulation and she became an actress, starring in small B movies for several years before finally having to get a ‘real job’ as a seamstress for the same company htheir mother had worked for.

Ayla n the other hand was a bit more driven. She had discovered track and field in School and had put on a layer of muscle. For the first time in their lives the twins were not identical. This was a setback for both, but it seemed to give Ayla the impetus she needed to separate herself from Tyra, whom she had always allowed to take the lead on things before.

Ayla was a solid student but unlike her sister she didn’t have the grades to get into Starfleet Academy. This was a disappointment to her as she had dreamed of exploring the galaxy aboard a starship. A teacher advised her to look at the Technicl School on Mars. In exploring the possibiity, Ayla found that she could have an outlet for her physical prowess as well as her mental skills, with the Marine Corps.

Therefore in the spring of 2372, at seventeen years of age Ayla entered the Boot Camp at ‘Parris Island’ on Mars. Within six months she was trained and being deployed. Sheserved in the last months of the Federation-Klingon War wuntik it ended in 2373 and then began to slowly advance up the enlisted rank system. A few times her doing Officer Candidate School cme up but she always turned it down.

Her service record was uninterrupted until May of 2386 when she was injured in an accident between two tanks. She was out of the service rehabilitting for almost two years, when she retuened toward the tail end of 2387 she was reassigned to the Beta Quadrant as the units there it as felt needed somone of her experience and teaching ability. She had served as First Sergeant and now her duties have been shifted to Drill Instructor once more.

With the change brings the worry that teaching is all that is left to her. Despite this she is resolved to put her twenty (almost) years in the service to good use eettling the disputes of the Beta Quadrant and more making sure the Marines here are prepared and equipped to bring the fight to whomever brought the challenge.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2371 - 2372 Recruit " Parris Island, Mars SFMC Basic Training
2372 - 2373 Marine USS Manticore
2373 - 2374 Marine USS Manticore
2374 - 23756 Squad Leader Starbase Theseus
2376 - 2380 Platoon Sergeant Starbase Theseus
2380 - 2382 Drill Instructor Starbase Immense
2382 - 2383 Master At Arms (JAG) Judge Advocate General on Mars
2383 - 2386 Chief of Staff MEU 88
2388 - Present Platoon Sergeant, First Platoon SMF Revenant