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Lieutenant Zaya Tomal


Zaya Tomal


Cardassia Prime


Tall by anyone’s reckoning, Zaya’s amazonian build would suggest a life of physical work on the colonies of the DMZ. Zaya’s has recently been battling in the fields of politics however and their physical prowess belies a quick and intelligent brain. Smart and capable Zaya has lived and worked for the betterment of Ciman II for the last decade, following her retirement from the Cardassian Central Command. Once part of the colony’s leadership they have now taken on a more practical role, shepherding the colony through its trouble from the ground, where they feel they can make a real difference.


Tall and statue-esque Zaya is not easily missed and not easily forgotten. Classic black hair tied up traditionaly in a bun, a few loose strands frame their Cardassian features, emphaising their orbital and nasal ridges and the deep blue pools of their irises. Often seen wearing a flowing cloak-like coat Zaya is rarely running though often busy, calmly gliding through the corridors of the colony nodding in recognition at all the people working to fulfil the needs of their communcal home.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Theta Squad Second-in-Command (Provisional) USS Daedalus
2400 - 2402 Liason Deployment with Theta Squad
2390 - 2400 Civilian Position Former Demilitarized Zone
- 2390 Glinn Cardassian Central Command