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Profile Overview


1/2 Vulcan 1/2 El Aurian Male

Character Information







Sovok is spent his entire Starfleet career working for Starfleet Intelligence. He has risen through the ranks, served as a field operative, a handler and as one of the Section Operation Commanders and later as Assistant Chief. In that capacity is role took him to various locations, even more recently to Diogara Station.


Personal History

Sovok was born in 2278 on Vulcan. The majority of Sovok’s youth was during a peaceful time during the Federation. Starfleet were exploring the galaxy and things were peaceful. Sovok was raised and educated like any other child on Vulcan, given the advanced training regimen. Like most children, he was giving a Pleenok to develop his logical thinking.

In 2285 his parents presented him with his mate or rather, his wife to be. The Ceremony that was conducted, intended to join them in a link that went beyond the physical. It linked them telepathically.

It was over this period that the Genesis planet was created. As was tradition, Vulcan parents did not shield their children from the truth or the events that went on in the Galaxy. Sovok’s parents did not break from tradition.

In 2288, Sovok had his tenth birthday. Although all Vulcans are considered intelligent, Sovok was soon attending more advanced classes. There were very few Vulcans in this class, but they were each pushed to their extremes.

In 2295, he was 17; Sovok entered the pon farr and met his betrothed. He was married to her in a typical Vulcan ceremony. However, he would be 50 years old before the birth of his first child.

In 2296, Sovok applied to Starfleet Academy, not seeing the logic in applying to the Vulcan Science Academy. When his parents asked him why he had chosen Starfleet Academy and had not gone on to complete the Kolinahr, they disagreed and called his decision illogical, believing it to be a decision made by a foolish, emotional young man.

Sovok was a Vulcan of vast intelligence and like the majority of his species’; he excelled in every class he attended. He never quite became the distinguished graduate Commander Spock was, but he graduated in the top 3 of his class in 2302, opting to stay longer to gain additional certifications. He was immensely interested in the Romulan information. He had learnt all he could from his homeworld, regarding the ones who left and formed the Romulan Star Empire.

He learnt their languages, the ones that Starfleet had knowledge of and essentially became an expert in their culture, social structures and society. He had already become an interest to Starfleet Intelligence at this time; just because of the amount of data he had accessed on the Romulans. Not initially for recruitment purposes, but for potentially being a Romulan himself.

By 2305, SFI had satisfied themselves he wasn’t a spy and he had risen to the rank of Lieutenant working at Starfleet Strategic Operations. It was at this time, he had his fateful meeting with Starfleet Intelligence. They wanted him to join their ranks.

Sovok agreed. He was immediately placed to work in the Romulan Section. He was told, by another Vulcan the Section Commander, Captain Salak, he wasn’t expected to live past his first assignment. The Romulan’s generally found the spies, handed them over to the Tal’Shiar and were tortured and killed.

He spent 9 months learning his new trade before he saw any real assignments, the advanced technology that they used and techniques that accompanied them. This didn’t even include his physical training, which included advanced hand weaponry, advanced unarmed combat, ground conflict, advanced survival, interrogation techniques, investigation, small unit tactics, advanced flight control amongst many others. Sovok found the tasks set within his ability, but not a challenge.

In the last 3 months of his 9 month training, he was to fully begin his intelligence training which consisted of Analysis and Interpretation, Infiltration and Extraction, Advanced Interrogation & Counter interrogation, advanced field operations, leadership & security procedures and Encryption.

There was also time for him to gain the additional information about Romulan’s not held by the general Starfleet Databanks.

In 2306, Sovok was sent into Romulan terriroty. He was not heard from until 2311, 5 years later. He was extracted safely and debriefed thoroughly. He continued to operate for Starfleet Intelligence in Romulan territory, ranging from covert operations to simply data gathering on the strength of the fleet in and around the neutral zone. For the next 76 years he served Starfleet Intelligence, at one point becoming Deputy Section Leader in 2350.

By 2356, Sovok stepped down, opting to go back into the field. He didn’t think it was logical that someone who could still get the job done should be sat behind a desk.

During the times he returned, Sovok spent a good deal of time with his grandchildren as they were growing up, feeding them tad bits of information about the Romulan’s, in the hopes he would kindle their interest in them and develop the next generation of intelligence officers.

He was not an idealist. Through his years of service within SFI, Sovok knew the grim reality of the world he lived in, although not generating an emotional response, Sovok could see the logical reason and the need for Intelligence operatives, especially when it came to the Romulans.

In 2369 in became aware of his grand-sons, Daniel Gardner, rescue of an Intelligence operative which resulted in his eventual recruitment.

During the years of 2311 and 2372, Sovok spent a great deal of time undercover, mainly on Romulan section assignments, but on occasion overlapping with the Special Operations section. He found, that there seemed to be some unspoken rule that Operatives of the two section’s seemed to dislike each other, something he considered most illogical.

In 2372, he was selected by the Deputy Director of Special Operations to lead an Elite Team of Operatives into Dominion held space aboard a small advanced Tactical Runabout. He and his team spent 3 years within the Gamma Quadrant working constantly to disrupt Dominion assets, including ketrecel white factories, ship yards and various other assets.

In 2375, they were recalled, as the war had ended. He was promoted again at this point back to Section Chief of the Romulan Section. However in 2386, an Operation that required his oversight. He worked tirelessly for that year. He was due to extract, when Hobus went supernova and was stuck behind the line and listed as Missing in Action. However, later in 2387, he made contact with his grandson, Daniel Gardner.