Lieutenant Junior Grade Haniko Takahashi

Chief Science Officer on the USS Excalibur. Takahashi hails from Earth and is originally from Hokkaido, Japan. After getting exiled from her family, she joined Star Fleet. Takahashi is analytical and enjoys solving problems. She is physically brave and athletic. Takahashi is also introverted and shy. She can be apprehensive when working with people.

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
23762377RecruitEnlisted Academy - Initial Training
23772380InfantrymanUSS Saipan - Combat Patrols near the Triangle
Cadet Senior Grade
CadetStar Fleet Academy
Science Officer- Astro-PhysicsUSS Ohm - Exploration
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Science Officer -Astro-PhysicsUSS Archimedes - Exploration
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Science OfficerUSS Excalibur