Profile Overview

Ben Johnson

Human/Terran Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander LCdr Johnson


Benjamin Andrew Johnson, III

June 25, 2359

Copernicus City, Lunar Colony, Earth


Ben is the XO of the USS Issedon. He is essentially there to babysit the Captain, as he is an Academy man, and very by the book. He is generally well-respected among his peers and strives for a full command of his own someday. He is bisexual, though closeted and is currently in love with Maggie LeFebvre, who doesn’t really know he even exists outside of just being her boss.


Ben is a tall man with brown skin and disheveled hair. He stands about 6′ tall, and is slim but muscular. He dresses sharply when off the clock, favoring khakis and button-down shirts.

He wears glasses for reading and close-up work. On his arm is a tattoo of the Romulan word for Honor (he thinks? Hopefully?)


Ben is very regimented and by-the-book, making him a good leader when there’s chaos. However, it does make him seem a little boring and serious to others. Starfleet is his whole life, having been his goal since childhood. He provides a serious, professional atmosphere of common sense to Jamie’s feckless disdain for the rules.


Born on the Lunar colony, in Copernicus City, his father served Starfleet as an enlisted Medic during the attack on Mars and the nearby moons thereof. He was KIA when Ben was 15, and his mother was never really the same after that. Both are Humans, and so is Ben. He has two brothers and a sister, all of which are also in Starfleet, though he is the only officer and only one to attend the Academy. He is the second-oldest child.

School was pretty easy-he was naturally smart and a hard worker, too. He excelled at math and science, but struggled a little with language and writing-he found those tasks time consuming and boring, though when forced to focus on them, he could present a well-written, well-argued essay or theme paper in a short deadline. His mother was a school teacher, though, and she held all five of her children to a high academic standard.

After school, he immediately joined the Starfleet Academy, knowing he wanted to, someday, command his own ship, like his father had once dreamed of. He worked hard to achieve the highest scores he could, graduating near the top of his class, and reaching cadet rank after cadet rank, taking on various student leadership roles as he did so, as they were offered to him,

His first assignment was on a far-flung Seabase, where he cut his teeth slogging through marshy waters to investigate and enhance communications with a new species. He has fought in small skirmishes in various enemy airspace (Romulan, and Breen, namely), and he’s hoping the Issy is his springboard to bigger and better.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2377 - 2381 Cadet Ensign Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2381 - 2385 Jr. Operations Officer Triton Seabase
2385 - 2389 Operations Officer USS Galileo
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2389 - 2394 ACOO USS Marie Curie
2394 - 2398 ACOO Deep Space 5
2398 - Present Ship XO USS Issedon
Lieutenant Commander