Sular Vivano

Sular served aboard the USS Agrippa as its Company CO. He learned the ropes of command and what it meant to actually be in charge of a full complement of marines as he learned not only by doing. He made his mistakes but he learned from them. Finally, he felt he had learned all he could from being on the Agrippa. He wanted to be back in the action, so he applied for a transfer to marines special forces.


Born in 2193 on the El-Aurian homeworld, Sular was the middle child among a family of five. Much to his regret for a time his sister was the eldest, though his brother did come around some five years later.

Sular looked at life fearlessly in the eye. He was always out and about climbing trees, delving in creeks when he could get away with it. Hunting through forests, bushes, shrubs, just exploring whatever he could find. In his mind, he was off on daring adventures finding new frontiers.

His favorite times were when his grandfather visited. He would sit and listen for hours as his grandfather told stories of far off places. Of their history and myths. He loved every moment of it and couldn’t get enough.

He applied himself in school to the best of his abilities. History, philosophy, science were among his favorite subjects. During his years taking classes he had thought to himself that a wandering historian and archaeologist would be the profession he would like to be in. Though with the lifespan of his race he would be more like a walking repository of living history.

After graduating from school in 2219, he started in his chosen profession. He collected stories and studied histories from places he traveled to. He did his best to unearth historical artifacts and to keep them safely preserved for future generations. He kept copious notes in journals and books of everything he heard and found.

This lasted for 46 years til everything in his life at that point came crashing down. In a chilling onslaught, that had no warning. A race of cybernetic beings invaded the El-Aurian system laying waste to the planets. The El Aurians to that point had not been a war driven people. However, it would seem they would have to become so in order to survive.

Sular joined the ranks of those that decided to make a stand to give the rest of their people a chance to escape. They fought long and hard but to little avail. He was wounded during the fighting and was carried by two of his comrades to one of the last ships leaving the planet. They watched as they hurtled away from the planet as the Borg destroyed their homeworld.

It wasn’t til later when he went through the list of survivors that he came to understand the meaning of despair. His family hadn’t made it. His mother, father, sister and brother were dead. He locked himself away with his grief. There was nothing he could do to bring them back and he had wished that it was all just some elaborate nightmare. However, he knew that it wasn’t.

Sular went with the small group of survivors as they traveled from planet to planet trying to find a place to settle and call home. However, they had little luck. For 28 years he lived the life of a refugee and vagabond. Not having anywhere to truly call his own or to call home.

In 2293 he was on board the USS Robert Fox on the way to Earth when suddenly another disaster struck. An energy ribbon that was later named the Nexus caught both the Robert Fox and the USS Lakul in its wake. It destroyed both ships but not before Sular and a handful of others were rescued by the USS Enterprise-B.

Finally making his way to Earth, Sular tried to settle down. He had been able to save most of his journals having had them stowed on the ship that had ironically carried him away from their homeworld. He tried to go back to his work with collecting stories and histories. However, something just did not feel right to him.

Looking around Earth he noted that they seemed almost the same way his people did before the Borg had attacked. The Borg would treat them the same way. They would attack and destroy with no thought for the loss of life of anything in their way. He could not act as though he was unaware. His naivete was gone.

For twenty years he tried to ignore the feeling. Finally, he could take no more of it. There was only one way to ensure something like what had happened to his people did not happen to his new home. The only way to do that was to be a part of the organization that would have the best chance of detecting the threat and giving advanced warning: The ships and people of Starfleet.

He went to apply at the Academy as a cadet in 2314. However, he saw something else that made him pause. He saw other people in green uniforms. It was not one he had ever seen before. When he asked he was informed that they were marines. They were Starfleet’s combat branch. He knew then what he wished to do. He changed direction and instead applied for the marine academy.

He graduated with the rest of his class in 2318 and was assigned to the USS Melbourne, an Excelsior-class starship as part of the marine detachment. For twenty years he stayed on the Melbourne working side by side with the rest of the crew learning the ropes of the marines in actual operation. However, as time went on he knew that there were newer ships and designs being created. That had more powerful weaponry and that were being sent to the front lines wherever they were.

In 2338 he put in for a transfer and was assigned to the USS Yamaguchi, an Ambassador-class starship. There he would work for the next 29 years. After all his time in the marines, he wasn’t worried about how fast he rose through the ranks. He still had a long life ahead of him. However, his competency saw him to the position of the Platoon CO.

In 2367 the Yamaguchi was ordered to Wolf 359. There it would join a task force that had been assembled to stop a Borg invasion that was headed on its way towards earth. 40 starships were arrayed at Wolf 359, including his old ship the Melbourne. Out of those 40 ships only one survived.

Sular did what he could using all of his knowledge and abilities to date to keep the crew of the Yamaguchi alive as the borg tried to board the ship. However, the Borg cube was too strong. The ship was critically damaged and beyond saving. The captain ordered all hands to abandon ship. Sular waited til the last possible moment to abandon the ship waiting til the crew was in their life pods and jettisoning away before the captain set the Yamaguchi on an impact course with the cube. He got to his life pod and evacuated from the ship. Unfortunately, it never hit its mark. The ship was destroyed before it could impact with the cube.

After they were rescued Sular heard about the Enterprise destroying the Borg vessel. He was given medical leave for a couple of months then was reassigned to the marine academy as an instructor. For two years he taught classes before the feeling of needing to be back in the field came upon him again. By this time the feeling of the borg threat was dwindling.

However, he had heard of a new possibility. A wormhole being found at the planet Bajor. He also heard that the Federation was taking over the starbase that was orbiting the planet. He immediately put in for transfer and was on his way to DS9. Where again he found himself in the position of Platoon CO.

Peace was seemingly something that was not to be had much of for Sular at this point in his life. Two years after arriving in 2372 the Klingons attacked DS9 in an attempt to force the command staff of DS9 to hand over the Cardassian Detapa Council members that were on the station. Sular suffered minor injuries helping to repel the Klingon boarders that were beamed onto the station. The Klingons, however, were overconfident and underestimated the station’s abilities to defend itself. With an approaching Starfleet armada and the state of their own depleted forces, the Klingons withdrew.

However, this was not the end by any means. Just one year later the combined forces of the Dominion and the Cardassian empire launched an assault on Deep Space Nine. Unfortunately, they were successful in capturing the starbase. But not before all Starfleet personnel was able to escape and a mine field was activated at the opening of the wormhole.

After making it back to friendly territory all personnel were reassigned. Sular was assigned to the USS Agrippa, an Akira-class starship. He took up his role as the Platoon CO but only for a short time. After the second mission the Company CO was killed on an away team mission. As the next highest ranking officer Sular was promoted to Company CO and awarded the rank of Captain (Marines).

He stayed on the Agrippa throughout the Dominion War. The Agrippa was in the thick of it til the end as the combined forces of the alliance moved in on Cardassia Prime.

After the end of the Dominion war, Sular was slightly at a loss. During the war, he knew what had to be done and he did it. Now that there was no longer a war, things started going back to normal. He handled the day to day routine of the company as well as he could. It was a job that seemed to be more about pushing paper and filing reports than the combat he was used to.

For the next 18 years, Sular would serve aboard the Agrippa as its Company CO. He learned the ropes of command and what it meant to actually be in charge of a full complement of marines as he learned not only by doing. He made his mistakes but he learned from them. Finally, he felt he had learned all he could from being on the Agrippa. He wanted to be back in the action, so he applied for a transfer to marines special forces.

Service Record

2314 - 2318
Student (Graduated Top 5%)
Starfleet Marine Academy
2318 - 2338
USS Melbourne
2338 - 2351
USS Yamaguchi
2351 - 2367
Platoon CO
USS Yamaguchi
2367 - 2369
Starfleet Marine Academy
2369 - 2373
Platoon CO
2373 - 2374
Platoon CO
USS Agrippa
2373 - 2388
Company CO
USS Agrippa
2388 - Present
Bravo Company Commanding Officer (BMSOC/CC)
USS Hawaii