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Profile Overview

Dr. Vila Lorut

El Aurian Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Dr. Lorut/Cdr Lorut.


Dr. Vila Lorut, MD

3 Sept. 2022

El Auria


Vila is a tall, dark featured female El Aurian. She is 378 years old, about upper middle aged for her species. As an El-Aurian, she’s traveled the universe extensively, and has studied on many planets and places. Her favorite place is Paris, France, Terran. She also loves seeing new planets, but you’ll never know that.

She’s the classic, stereotypical ice woman. She shows little emotion, and some people have called her a (US English B-word, censored for the kiddos).


She stands about 5’10” and weighs 147 lbs. She is tall, athletic. She has lots of curves. Usually wears her hair in a short bob instead of taking time to style it to regulation. She has a tattoo on her backside, above her left buttock (and, if you’re lucky, you’ll see it 😉 )


The ice woman cometh. She is very cold, and driven, and a little bit neurotic. While she is a FANTASTIC doctor, especially surgeries, she is not really a friendly person. She doesn’t have friends, and keeps to herself. This is due to the tragic death of her husband, and it’s something she’s never dealt with. She finds it easier to keep people away rather than risk them knowing anything about her that could be used to hurt her further.

On the clock, she demands the very best from her staff, leadership, and anyone who crosses the threshold of her infirmary (unless you’re the patient, of course). Her bedside manner is the only time you’ll see her show an iota of emotion, especially towards children and the elderly-El Aurians value these members of society. She is generally a misanthrope and dislikes men in general, but is bisexual, and takes people on a case-by-case basis.


Vila was born in 2022, to two El Aurians. Her father was a diplomat and her mother was a school teacher. They led a fairly normal life for El-Aurians, middle class, and decently educated. Vila had always wanted to see the rest of the universe, or at least her quadrant, and learned that joining her planets’ Navy was the best way to do that. So she did, when she turned 18. She enlisted, and worked as a medic for three years.

One of her missions found her on Terra/Earth, and she loved the environment, so she stayed. She went to college in the UK, attending Oxford University, where she got a Pre-Medicine degree. For her medical degree, she attended Cornell University in New York City, New York, USA, Earth. It was there that she met her husband, who was an officer in the US Navy. He was Terran/Human, and though she knew she’d far outlive him, she didn’t care, and against her parents’ wishes, married John Miller after graduating medical school.

After a few years of an internship, she got a job as a junior Internal Medicine doctor. While John went through officer training and various training schools to be a flight surgeon, she worked her way through the ranks of a large, well known hospital system to become a mid-level doctor in Emergency Medicine. She always liked the thrill and fast-paced environment of it.

Two years into their marriage, Vila learned she was unable to bear children, and it was a rough time for the Millers, almost ending their relationship. They had just worked through things when John was shot down in his helicopter over disputed air-space in the Middle East. He died on impact-all seven members of the flight crew did. She was inconsolable, and sought refuge back on El-Auria, where she worked as a doctor for several more years, growing increasingly depressed and angry about the things that she couldn’t control. By 2032, her entire personality had changed-the bright, happy young woman was replaced by a nasty, cold hag. She didn’t care, though.

She re-joined in the El-Aurian military, this time as an officer, starting at the rank of LtJG. She worked as a combat surgeon, because her people fought the Borg and Breen often-their quadrant was rife with conflict, as various factions discovered warp power-and the power of resources, money, etc. She was in the Navy for about 20 years. She eventually met a man who was able to break through her walls-Masuer Lorat. He was a redshirt type, and equally driven. He, too, had spent time elsewhere in the universe, and had seen a lot-he’d also tragically lost a lover. They understood each other, and after a long, 20 year courtship, they finally married. She was still unable to bear children, but it was decided that it was OK between the two of them-Masuer had other plans for his life-namely, commanding his own ship someday.

After about 80 years of marriage, they divorced-Maseur was gone a lot on maneuvers/assignments, and she still had her private practice. After her divorce, she learned about the Starfleet Program, hosted by the Federation of Planets (of which El Auria was a member of until it was destroyed) and joined up. She did go to the Academy, though, like everyone else, but had a reputation of being aloof and distant towards her classmates, teachers, and ESPECIALLY to the alien species that joined.

Today, she’s been re-assigned to Outpost Houtman, mostly because the other three ships’ captains refuse to work with her. She is actually looking forward to the opportunity, though, because it is a brand-new territory, which spells excitement and maybe a new start. She is also glad that there are only a few people, and none of them know her, though she is aware that her reputation follows her (and doesn’t care).

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2359 - 2361 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2363 - 2366 Medical Officer Velos Prison Camps, Cardassia Prime
2368 - 2372 Medical Officer USS Awhwanee
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2372 - 2376 ACMO USS Pasteur
2376 - 2380 ACMO USS Issedon
2380 - 2384 Chief Medical Officer USS Andromeda
Lieutenant Commander
2384 - 2390 Chief Medical Officer USS Paul Revere
Lieutenant Commander
2390 - 2400 CMO Starbase Bravo
Lieutenant Commander