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Name: Jackson McDaniel Age: 64 Planet of Origin: Earth Race: Human Gender: Male Family: Henry McDaniel (father), Rhonda McDaniel (mother), Marcus McDaniel (brother), Charlotte McDaniel-Avedon (sister), Charles McDaniel (nephew), Theresa McDaniel (niece), Addison Avedon (nephew) Pre-Service History: 2353: Born on Earth. Moved several times in coordination of the various assignments of father Henry McDaniel, officer in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers and Survey. 2365: Along with brother Marcus were separated from family and colony during Gorn raid. Jack further separated from brother. Survives on own for a week before being reunited with family. Service History 2369: Enters Starfleet Academy on accelerated course for enlisted personnel. 2371: Graduates Starfleet Academy as an enlisted officer in Operations & Engineering. Requests and is assigned to Deep Space Nine. 2372: Earns commendation for courage and valor, as well as promotion to Crewman 3rd Class during First Battle of Deep Space Nine. Sees further action during Federation-Klingon War. 2373: Part of effort to prevent Dominion incursion. Served aboard U.S.S. Defiant during minefield operations. Injured during Second Battle of Deep Space Nine. Part of evacuation of Deep Space Nine. 2374: Served aboard U.S.S. Defiant during Operation Return. Resumed service aboard Deep Space Nine after successful resolution of operation. Promoted to Petty Officer, Specialist 1st Class as a Technician. 2375: Transferred from Deep Space Nine to Earth Spacedock after Treaty of Bajor. Is assigned to efforts to rebuild the fleet. 2376: Reenters Starfleet Academy, entering officer’s training in Security and Tactical. 2378: Graduates Starfleet Academy in Security and Tactical Operations. Assigned as third Security Officer aboard the U.S.S. Daystrom, an Intrepid-class variant, and one of the first vessels to be refit with Delta Quadrant technology. 2380: Promoted to Lieutenant, second officer, after successful infiltration of illegal Romulan testing facilities. Receives commendation for valor and meritorious conduct above the call of duty. 2384: Transfers to U.S.S. Murphy as Chief Security Officer. Serves tour of duty in Beta Quadrant. 2388: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Part of successful interdiction of rogue Breen elements operating in Beta Quadrant. 2392: Applies for and receives honorable discharge from Starfleet. Enters private sector as a security consultant on Mars. Marries Beulah Delgado. 2396: Moves to Feltanas III. Employed as director of operations at Federation mining installation located there. 2400: Divorces Beulah Delgado. Returns to Earth. Elects to return to active service. Enters into Starfleet’s Command program. 2402: Graduates and receives reinstatement in Starfleet. Receives position as instructor in Starfleet Academy’s Advanced Tactical Training and Engineering courses. 2404: Is cycled back into active duty, assigned as First Officer aboard U.S.S. Nestor. 2406: Assumes command of U.S.S. Nestor when captain grievously injured during explosion suspected to have been caused by Tal Shiar sabotage. Starfleet HQ confirms his interim command of the vessel. 2409: Lieutenant Commander McDaniel and the U.S.S. Nestor are assigned to picket duty along the Neutral Zone. Oversees several successful skirmishes against Klingon expeditionary forces. 2410: Is relieved of command from U.S.S. Nestor. Is offered and accepts transfer to U.S.S. Columbia as Chief Tactical Officer. Is part of exploration in Zenas Expanse.