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Vulcan Female

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Commander T'saath


Chief Operations
USS Mackenzie






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Early Life (2360-2380)

T’saath was born as the third daughter to T’pasi and Solasi on Vulcan.  She was an inquisitive child and was known for her many questions.  An ordinary childhood was followed by ordinary teen years as she was accepted into an accelerated science program at the Vulcan Science Academy, where she graduated at the age of 18 in 2378.  She served in the Vulcan Expeditionary Force as a science officer until, at the age of 20 in 2380, she was accepted into the officer exchange program with Starfleet.  She was assigned to the USS Moldova as a science officer with the rank of Ensign.

Starfleet Officer Exchange Program (2380-2382)

Serves on the USS Moldova, a Miranda Class starship from 2380-2382.  Works on various projects focussed on warp core operations, engineering systems, and various spacial anomaly surveys.  She is recalled back to the Vulcan Expeditionary Force at the end of 2382.

Vulcan Expeditionary Force (2382-2385

Serves on various ships and stations as a science officer.  In 2385 she requests a transfer to Starfleet to continue the strong relationship between Vulcans and Humans. Her request is approved, and she goes through two years of Academy Training in the command track.

Starfleet Academy (2385-2387)

During her training, she works through the first year in the classroom, simulators, and small ship assignments.  In her second year, she is posted to the USS Moldova once more, this time as a Chief Science Officer with the rank of Lieutenant.  She completes her training and is assigned to the USS Post Alley in 2388 as Chief Science Officer as a Lieutenant.

USS Post Alley (2388-2395

During her time, she serves well and contributes to the core mission of the ship’s science focus.  She comes to respect the crew and the rest of the department heads.  She works well with the captain as well.  In 2390 the executive officer is killed on an away team mission, and she is forced to take command.  Her efforts and focus under pressure allow her to find a way to bring the team home injured but alive.  She receives a commendation and is field promoted to Executive Officer, and later the position is officially hers.  Promotion to Lieutenant Commander comes in 2393 at the age of 33.  She continues to serve on the USS Post Alley until she is transferred to the USS Alexander Hamilton in 2395.

USS Alexander Hamilton (2395-2400)

T’saath was assigned as the XO.  She initially conflicted with the CO and the rest of the command team and was nearly reassigned.  Whatever issues were resolved, and she served the rest of her time aboard the ship with excellent reviews.  She is promoted to Commander in March of 2400.  She is encouraged to apply for additional command experience by her CO and was accepted to the USS Mackenzie as XO on December 26th, 2400.

USS Mackenzie (2400-2401)

She was assigned as XO on the USS Mackenzie on 12.26.2400.  She leaves after the death of Captain Ambrose Harris on 02.05.2401 to return to Vulcan to seek more emotional control.  Starfleet offered her a return to the Mackenzie as Chief Operations Officer on July 1st, 2401.  She accepted.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2378 - 2380 Science Officer Vulcan Expeditionary Force
2380 - 2382 Science Officer / Starfleet Officer Exchange Program USS Moldova
2382 - 2385 Science Officer Vulcan Expeditionary Force
2385 - 2387 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2388 - 2393 Chief Science Officer USS Post Alley
2393 - 2395 Chief Science Officer USS Post Alley
Lieutenant Commander
2395 - 2400 USS Alexander Hamilton Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander
2400 - 2401 Executive Officer USS Mackenzie
2401 - Present Chief Operations Officer USS Mackenzie