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Dr Bakshi

Betazoid Female

Character Information


Chief Medical Officer
USS Venture


Lieutenant Commander


Dr Lahki Bakshi-Williams

2 Jan 2352



Dr Bakshi is the CMO of the USS Venture. She is a widow, and has adult children, and thusly, throws herself into her work. She takes her job very seriously, as a boss, but luckily, doesn’t take HERSELF too seriously.


Lahki has long, black hair, black eyes, and a large black iris. Her skin has an olive tone to it.

She stands about 5’8” tall, and is 120 lbs. She is well proportioned otherwise, and works hard on her physique through a daily, 1 hour workout routine (usually on a treadmill or the like). She wears her makeup subtly, and her long hair is almost always back in a braid or bun when she is on the clock. Off work, she dresses fairly casually but nicely, in jeans and a button down or sweatshirt if it’s chilly.


Lahki is quiet, and keeps to herself mostly. She is friendly with the crew and command staff BUT she practices work/life balance. Her late husband was human, and so she practices a Buddhist-type faith. She can usually be found in her office, working well into the evening, or in her quarters, still working or reading a novel. When she is feeling social, she DOES like to frequent the ship’s bar or holodeck for a movie before she sleeps.

She is telepathic, and this helps her to be a good doctor because she can often sense what is wrong with someone before even THEY know or the scanners/biobeds can pick it up. She does *not* “read” her patients without their express permission, but does register when they are in pain and trying to be stoic.

Her likes include the color purple, spicy foods, and music. Her dislikes include loud noises, laziness, and practical jokes. Her hobbies are reading, doing yoga in the morning in her office before starting the day to gain a sense of balance, and people-watching.

As she’s quickly entering “the phase”, she’s more or less concentrating on work to distract herself. Further, she has some unresolved feelings about her husband’s death, which she refuses to address with a counselor currently.


Lahki was born on Betazed, right after the Dominion war. She was a good student, and school was the solace she needed while her parents worked hard to help the Betazed government rebuild after the war. Her father was a solider, and her mother was a governmental employee, involved in finance. Her father is deceased but her mother is still alive.

She has one elder brother, Tabu, and a younger sister, Jaya. Both are still on Betazed with their families. She has two children of her own, Michael Jr, and Aimee. Michael is in the Fleet as an Engineer, like his father, and Aimee is a student at the University of Betazed. Michael is married to a woman called Kathy, a human, and she is hoping to be a grandmother soon! Aimee is currently single. While she was originally bonded to a man called Nurul Met, he turned out to be gay, and so Lahki went on with her life.

After high school (secondary school), she attended the Starfleet Academy because she wanted to be a doctor, and because her parents spoke very highly of the Fleet members who had helped the Beta people in the Dominion war. She excelled at medicine, and found her calling helping people. At the Academy, she met her husband, Michael Williams, who wanted to be a pilot. He became one, and they moved from ship to ship, taking turns on who would take various relocation orders. Their children were both born on DS9, however, just out of sheer dumb luck.

Five years ago, during a routine training mission, Michael’s plane malfunctioned, and he crashed into a mountain on an unnamed planet, dying on impact. She blames herself-they were supposed to be on leave that week for her mother’s 75th birthday, but instead, Lahki had an important surgery so Michael chose to do the training week, as well. If she hadn’t stayed, she feels like he might have lived. It has caused a bit of tension between her and her children. Last year, she reverted to her maiden name from Williams.

She comes to the Venture from the Academy, where she was reassigned immediately after Michael’s death, with the idea that she’d need time to recover emotionally.

During her service, Lahki has had a long record of excellent ratings from her superiors and professors. She started at the Academy, where she moved quickly up the cadet ranks due to her excellent grades and willingness to do hard work. As well, she was always ready to learn something new and admit when she was wrong or didn’t know something.

That attitude carried on through the Fleet. On her first assignment, she was able to test into the Lieutenant Junior Grade ranking fast, by showing both aptitude and gumption. While she stayed at this rank for about four years, she continued to hone her skills by helping on surgeries and volunteering for off-ship missions.

At DS9, she had the pleasure of working with several doctors from different areas of the fleet, where she learned trauma medicine and triage, as well as continued her basic medical skills. She also read all of the medical texts she could access, and, when her kids went to bed at night, and her husband was on duty, she spent time doing research about things she still didn’t quite grasp.

She has had a small amount of battle training; when she was on the Drommie (USS Andromeda), they assisted in a few exercises during the Gentonian Trade Wars. She was able to leverage her time in rank and skills to climb the ladders to even more success when she took the Assistant Dean of Education for Starfleet Medical role after the death of her husband. There, she did some important research on the applications of plutonium-based insertable devices to “treat” non-humanoid species. Her research there led to invaluable information on non-human races, including better ways to treat them medically and psychologically. Finally, she’s been a keynote speaker at the Betazed University medical program about upcoming medical technology being sponsored by Starfleet, including an improved Biobed with automatic shield capabilities and the ability to treat a patient with a holographic doctor and just a medic.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2370 - 2374 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2374 - 2378 Medical Officer USS Hope Hospital Ship
2378 - 2382 Medical Officer DS9
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2382 - 2386 Sr. Medical Officer USS Andromeda
2386 - 2390 Sr. Medical Officer DS9
2390 - 2395 ACMO USS Andromeda
2395 - 2400 Professor of Medicine Starfleet Academy
Lieutenant Commander