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Profile Overview

James Stephen Hancock

Human Male

Character Information




James Stephen Hancock

December 29 2375

Adams County, Pennsylvania, Earth


James Hancock stands at 6’2″ tall, weighing in at 195 pounds. He has dark brown hair, stern looking hazel eyes that are a contrast to his calm demeanor. James athletically built though more toned than muscular. Born in the rolling countryside of Pennsylvania Hancock is the youngest child of 4 of Devin Hancock, a shop keeper, and Grace Hancock, a dress maker. Early in his education James had a passion in history and sports, notably American style football. His love of history lead to his learning that he was a descendant of American General Winfield Scott Hancock which further fueled his interest in the military history of Earth. Through his studies of armed conflict James began to exhibit a strong sense of duty and commitment, which spurred his longing to join Starfleet.