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Profile Overview

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Natalie Harris

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Cadet Harris


USS Mackenzie


Natalie Melissa Harris


Fort Morgan, CO


The only daughter of Rachel Harris and sister to Ambrose Harris she is adventurous.  She’s returning to Starfleet Academy to complete her program.


Young, spunky, and lithe – she liked to run and started to train in the boxing ring.

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Always trying something new.  Always interested in learning.  Passionate and energetic to a fault.


Early Life (2382-2400)

Natalie Harris was born to Rachel Harris and quickly became focused on engineering.  She was known to take things apart, build things, and craft experiments.  She graduated high school early in 2399 and attended a year of Starfleet Academy before leaving to return to her mother’s company, Harris Transport.  She worked there until her brother’s murder.  She returned to the Academy in 2401 to continue with her sophomore year.

Starfleet Academy (2401-Present)

Returns to Mellstoxx III for classes with a focus on Engineering.  She meets and forms friendships with three other junior cadets.  Vulcan Spirak, Bajoran Horatio, and Human Matthew Jacoby