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Rachel Williams

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Williams


Rachel Anne Williams


South Wales UK - Earth


Her mental Disposition:

Rachel is sometimes a headstrong young woman, who despite things is quite efficient in what she does. She has a dual role on the ship. Like most people she has moods, but no one can ever positively pin down what her mood will be next. Her temper is very nasty when really upset or at certain times of the month, but she is easy to get on with in general she is not judgemental but she is forthright and blunt.


Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 8 st
Skin: Fair
Scars: None


+ Smart
+ Loyal
+ Tactically Minded
+ Clever
+ Brave

– Stubborn
– Overthinks
– Alpha Type Personality
– Blunt
– Sarcastic and Dry Humour



Rachel Anne Williams was born in the Eurasian Territories on Stardate: 236508.23 (23/08/2365) to Starfleet Career Officers, her father was a Starfleet Marine her Mother a Science Officer, Rachel was a child prodigy and excelled in what she took part in. As she grew up she quickly made lots of friends, having a cheery disposition, during her Junior Year at a girl’s school she got the news that her mother had been killed on an away mission, here her attitude changed and she became headstrong and clinical and efficient in what she did, this change did not sit well with most of her friends and those that remained became her inner circle, these were ones she relied upon. After leaving finishing School she joined Starfleet her Father was very proud of her but did not quite understand why she chose the fleet and not the Marines. From Primary School up to the start of her college years, she had shown great aptitude in most areas and this was noted by Starfleet Intelligence and Security, even the Marines were interested in different aspects of what she could do. When college time came around she had made a host of new friends and these were children of good families, at one point she got into trouble with the authorities when one of her new friends led her astray, needless to say, they got more in trouble than she did, after paying a fine she was released from detention and returned to her family, she did finish her college term but with the issue of her misdemeanour shadowing her for the rest of her life and at eighteen years old she entered Starfleet Academy in 2372 much to the disappointment of the other Branches, but she wanted to be strong in body as well as the mind…


Martial Arts:-

Tae Kwon Do (Black Belt)
Ninjitsu (Black Belt)
Karate (Brown Belt 5th Dan)

Other Skills

Starfleet Basic Unarmed Combat
Advanced Marksman Badge and Trophy at the Academy
Twin Spatha blades
Advanced Quarterstaff
Vintage Pistol Qualified
TR-116 Cleared
Trained as Security/Tactical Bridge Officer

Linguistic Skills

Welsh Gaelic
Federation Standard

Rachel has an average knack for picking up languages, but only if she is really interested in learning them.

Hobbies & interests:

Reading, Rock Climbing, Orbital skydiving, holo programs


+ Fine Dining, Vintage Wine, Pizza, Salads, Retro
Music and clothes


– Extreme Spicy dishes, Opera, Horror movies,
Idiots, traitors


Marital Status: Single
Significant Other: None


Father: Gavin Williams
Mother: Jennifer Anne Smithson
Siblings: Older Brother Ian Williams and younger Sister Kerry Anne Williams
Children: None
Spouse: None

Other Family:

Earth & Alpha Centauri

Professional History

|Cadet Years not shown

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
238701.01 - 238901.01 Security Officer Deep Space 5
239202.01 - 239411.12 Tactical Officer Training
239503 - 239801.10 Security/Tactical Officer USS Vanguard
239805.15 - Present Security/Tactical Officer Security and Tactical Earth