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Risian/Bajoran Male

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Fick




Ensign Vecon Fick is currently serving aboard the USS Pandora as their Chief Flight Control Officer.

Fick is gregarious and fun loving, but also serious and stubborn. He enjoys time outside and time alone, but he can also be a social butterfly. He is not without his share of flaws. He struggles constantly between the characteristics and traditions of both of his parents’ races. The Risian side is more fun-loving and peaceful, while the Bajoran side is stubborn and dedicated to a flaw. Fick can become so focused with something that he can get angry and annoyed when disturbed, making him a tad bit insubordinate at times.

Fick is clever, quick witted and not afraid to stand up for what he believes. He doesn’t believe that he’s in any way perfect and is willing to admit flaws and mistakes,


Vecon Fick was born in 2368 on Risa in the capital city of Nuvia. While he was growing up his mother worked for the Risian Hedony and his father was refugee from a diplomatic family from Bajor. Once they were married they decided that in order to give their only child the best opportunities he could have that they would settle on Risa. Bajor was in the final days of the Cardassian Occupation and Fick’s father, Milos, felt that he couldn’t guarantee the safety of his wife and newborn son on Bajor. As Fick grew it became apparent to his parents that he had quite the gift to fly almost anything that flew. They didn’t let his talents go to waste and the minute he could take entrance exams to Starfleet Academy they entered him and he passed with flying colors.

Fick spent his four years at Starfleet Academy being one of the youngest in his class. He quickly found a way to balance school and social life. With his Risian background he was quite the party animal and his classmates quickly learned that he was fun to be with. His carefree, open-minded attitude made him a lot of friends. Although he enjoyed his party life he was also very dedicated to his education. He excelled in his classes, even impressing his professors with his ability. He stayed at the Academy an extra year taking Advanced Flight Courses and graduated with honors and close to the top of his class.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - Present Chief Flight Control Officer U.S.S. Pandora