Profile Overview

Ebenezer Edwards

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Edwards


Ebenezer Elias Edwards


Denver, CO


Born to parents determined to see their son succeed they gave him a name he’d wear for the rest of his life.  He loves engineering, and he loves space.


Tall, lanky, and often a mess from his work. 6’1.  Blue eyes.  Fast walker.


Ebenezer is an eccentric engineering mind who has spent much of his time tinkering, dreaming, building, and searching for meaning in his work, that sometimes he gets lost in it and forgets that there are other people around.


Early Life (2370-2386)

Ebenezer Elias Edwards was born to Jennifer and Justin Edwards in 2370 in Denver, Colorado.  He quickly became a wunderkind in that he would dissemble anything he could get his hands on, including his crib, his door, his room, his house, and anything else that wasn’t secured.  He studied engineering in high school and was granted the chance to study concurrently at the local college.  He graduated when he was 16.

Starfleet Academy(2386-2392)

Applies and is accepted to the young cadet program.  Studies hard and ignores most social engagement.  Serves as an intern at several local engineering firms over a two-year period.  Begins his traditional freshman year of Starfleet Academy at 2388.  He avoids social engagement and prefers to study, work hard, and dig into engineering journals.  In 2390 he meets a girl, Patricia Hollingsworth.  He suddenly becomes acutely aware of his lack of social skills and redoubles his efforts to impress Patricia.  He ultimately fails and is heartbroken for a week.  He soon resolves to learn how to be social and employs books, counselors, and mentors in the Academy program.  It is not easy and upon graduation in 2392 he still struggles with the ability to relate to others.

USS Long (2392-2395)

Is transferred to the Miranda Class USS Long as an engineering officer with the rank of Ensign.  He serves faithfully in that position until the ship’s destruction at the hands of a pirate attack in which half the crew is lost.

USS Polas (2395-2400)

Is assigned as assistant chief engineering officer to the USS Polas with the rank of ensign.  He is promoted in 2399 to Lieutenant after exhibiting incredible talent under pressure.  He is then promoted to Chief Engineer upon his chief’s retirement.

USS Venture

Applies for Chief Engineer on the USS Venture.