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Jaime Taylor

Human Male

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Captain Capt. Taylor


Captain of the Ship
USS Issedon (Archive)


James Andrew Taylor

Feb. 14, 2345

Cleveland, Ohio


Capt. Taylor is the new Captain of the USS Issedon. A longtime friend of Dr. Roger Harrison, the two met through Harrison’s wife, Lucy, who was a civilian employee of the Starfleet, teaching interpersonal relations at the Academy. He grew up in a Fleet family; his grandfather was a decorated pilot when the Earth was invaded, and subsequently in the Federation, where he fought to keep the Federation in tact. His father, likewise, was in the Fleet as a mid-level engineering officer, the CoE for the USS Atari, and later, the CoE for the USS Mercury. He was born on the USS Thomas Rothko, , and lived through each of his father’s moves. His mother was a Fleet JAG officer, but she never reached the ranks of upper command because she chose to raise him and his brother.

Capt. Taylor served on the USS Corinthian for the first tour, then took an assignment on the DS9 during the Romulan uprisings. Later, he took a job with Roger out in the Delta quadrant, during the Betazid war, shuttling the injured and the caregivers back and forth. His third assignment, on the USS Andromeda, was where he really shone. He reached the rank of Lieutenant under Captain Malcolm Reynolds, a notoriously hard to work with man. However, Jamie is driven and understands sacrificing comfort and humility in the short term to achieve one’s goals, and the two men got on well. He was able to let the Capt.’s insults and attitude slid off of him. As such, he was able to achieve much, including being the main point-man for the rest of the crew.


Jamie is a Caucasian male who stands ~5’10” and weighs 180 lbs. He has sandy blonde hair, and blue eyes. His hair is starting to thin out due to his age (he is 55). He wears glasses for reading only but otherwise, he doesn’t. He has a tattoo on his left upper arm, but no other markings. He is usually clean-shaven, and while his skin is clear, it is showing his age with lines.


Jamie is a driven man, but one who also has common sense and decency. He strives to be the best Captain that he can be, and that means recognizing his foibles AS WELL AS his strengths. His weaknesses? Easy: he’s a functional alcoholic, womanizer, and a little combative (his personnel jacket says “doesn’t like authority figures”), and pretty much violates the Prime Directive at his whim. His strengths? He’s loyal to a T to people he likes or have proven themselves (to him), quick witted, and absolutely thrives under pressure. Also, he has a gift (so he calls it) to bullshit his way out of any conundrum- so far.


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Jaime had a rough life. His parents split up when he was a kid, and his mom raised him herself. She worked in a school as a lunchroom aide, and money was ALWAYS tight. He doesn’t really know his father, Andrew. Anyway, Jamie was often in trouble, legally and physically, being a weak, small kid until later in life. He barely graduated from High School, and loafed around awhile, meeting girls and playing games before he found a pamphlet in some things his mother had given him that had been his fathers. The pamphlet was a recruitment flyer for a space program. No, not Starfleet, but instead, a private group of bounty hunters called The Academie. The Academie ended up being less “bounty hunting” and more “space privateering”. He came aboard the ship as their Chief Logistics Officer-he thought his father may have joined this group, and was more or less looking for him. His good looks and distaste for authority figures fast made him an enemy of many people-Federation, Borg, Cardassian-anyone he crossed. His sexual conquests spanned the known galaxy, but it was back on Earth that his true love lay. Before joining the Academie, he was dating and engaged to marry a woman, Jennifer Woods. She was killed in a car accident on her University campus the week before Christmas, and Jamie lost his mind over it. He fell into the bottle, where he’s been for the last, oh, twenty years, with short bouts of sobriety when he’s on a mission or somesuch. He’s good friends with the Harrisons, as he briefly dated Lucy, and she introduced the two men.

He eventually flushed out of the Acadamie due to his drinking problems, and found himself back on Earth. He went to school for a while, which is where he met Lucy Harrison (back then, she was Thomas), and had a brief relationship with her. She left to take a job in government service, and he fell back into his bottles and dropped out of school. Later, at a Christmas party, he ran into Lucy again, this time with her new boyfriend, Roger Harrison, and Roger told him about the Starfleet Academy. Seeing no better options in his future, and hoping to win Lucy back over, he decided to join, and did so the following semester. He did OK, a middling student, and graduated in the middle of his class, the year behind Roger (who, by then, had married Lucy, much to his sadness and regret). From there, he went into the Fleet in the midst of the Dominion war, and earned some minor accolades for his “bravery” (his words. The Fleet said “stupidity”) in fighting the Cardassians. From there, he moved swiftly up the ranks, being actually a good OFFICER, if not so great a man.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2366 - 2370 Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2370 - 2374 Operations Officer USS Bartholomew
2374 - 2379 Operations Officer DS9
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2379 - 2384 Sr. Operations Officer USS Andromeda-Betazid War
2384 - 2389 COO USS Redwolf
Lieutenant Commander
2389 - 2400 Professor of Operations Starfleet Academy
Lieutenant Commander
2400 - Present Captain of the Ship USS Issedon